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Month Three

You are a pro!  Twelve weeks ago you were a nervous Nelly anxiously awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy.  Today, you are a family with a beautiful, smart, growing little one.   1,005 more words


Three-Month Old Baby Says ‘I Love You’ to Shock Parents

Ted Moskalenko, from New Jersey, was playing with his three-month-old baby boy Ben, when the little guy surprised his parents.

Moskalenko was saying ‘I love you’ to Bed, when the infant responded back ‘I love you.’ Both mom, who was filming, and dad were shocked by the cute response. 25 more words


Our baby is three months old.

She is no longer a newborn.

I can’t quite get my head around it. Time moves in strange ways – without work to demarcate the days, there are long stretches punctuated with short bursts. 577 more words

Bringing Up Babies

Three Month Update - Morgan Riley

My youngest daughter officially turned three months old last week.  While weekly updates are not necessary, it seems like each month that passes during a child’s first year is a milestone to celebrate.   1,008 more words

Staying Fit

Nicole's Cupcake Corner

I’ve loved cupcakes pretty much forever, as in even before they were a fad.  Ask me if I want a piece of cake, and I’ll probably say, “Yeah, sure, that sounds good.”  Ask me if I want a cupcake, and I’ll reply, “Oh my goodness, YES!  579 more words

Brady's First Outing

This winter has felt loooong… Brady was born smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season (a brutal season this year in New England, at that), so Nate and I made the decision to keep him away from large crowds, especially since he was already facing so many painful tummy troubles. 763 more words