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Making of Soul Survivor: The Blooper Reel

Behind any work of art, you have the bloopers, the mistakes, the frayed edges that you try hard to erase before the final piece. You’re embarrassed; you shuffle the blunders into the dark corners, hoping that no one will notice. 942 more words

Mystery Books

#AtoZChallenge Who Are the Ghosts in My Attic? Fred, Frank, and Fran

My suitcase waited for me by the front door. I’d spent most of the night weighing my options and ultimately decided to pack what I needed to get me through a few nights in a hotel. 1,004 more words


trivia Quiz:

Did Curly Howard, of the Three Stooges, have unusually short arms? I was watching a video clip of the boys ‘learning to dance’, and I made this observation. What do you think?

Touched by a Stooge, Real Life Encounters with the Howard Brothers

Kids growing up in the fifties and sixties in America often saw the Three Stooges on  their local TV channels.  The two-reel short subjects that had been cranked out by Columbia pictures from the thirties to the early forties were now fodder for cheap programming, and by virtue of the fact that anything so numerous and cheap would be replayed continually meant that many of us who had memorized most of the Stooges shorts also saw our fill of Gene Autrey “Radio Ranch” serials, Flash Gordon and The Little Rascals. 493 more words


Oregon Democratic Party - We Don't Care, We Just Say We Do...

Our Last Governor, Phony Cronyharbor, was a master of the new DEMOCRACTIC PARTY method – talking for a long time about an important issue, and saying nothing. 132 more words


Have no fear! The new team of Salem Democrats are taking over, to do what they do best, f**k up government and sell it off to their friends. 290 more words

"Intruder" (1989) REVIEW

Despite being fairly unknown (or at least hardly talked about among so-called gorehounds) Intruder was the last great slasher film of the 80s — and maybe even since. 167 more words