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How Obnoxious, and Who Knew?!

It’s one thing to get beaten to a garage sale, but the competition is starting to become obnoxious.  While garage sailing this past weekend I went to several sales and gave my usual greeting of “Good morning… you don’t by chance have any Nintendo for sale do you?”  Usually I get told “sorry we don’t”, or “sorry I’m keeping it”, and occasionally I get told “you should have been here earlier.”  Now I can understand the getting there earlier thing and of course the desire to keep these little treasures, but I was told something new last weekend that I hope is just a one off.   823 more words


I’m here to talk to you about a dear old friend we share. Our friend moe. Not this moe who happens to be the leader of the comedy group the 3 stooges. 471 more words

What 80/90s Song Would You Choose as the Title to Your Autobiography?

This thought popped through my head as I was adding songs to my Spotify playlist. I am going to break my song choices up into three parts: High School (88-92), College Years(92-96), and Early 2000s. 537 more words

Three Stooges Convention Brings Memories Back In Bucks County

BUCKS COUNTY (CBS) — A convention held at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose, Bucks County this weekend is celebrating everything Three Stooges.

The Three Stooges Con had a little something for every fan including incredible memorabilia, all sorts of Three Stooges swag, a chance for fans to meet family members of everyone’s favorite knuckleheads, and the stooges themselves, as the old shorts ran on a constant loop. 75 more words


Three Stooges Con Hooks Up With the Breakfast Club

Jim Pauley is a Three Stooges expert who invites everyone to come to Three Stooges Con this weekend at the Radisson in Trevose, PA.

Click below to hear Jim chat with The Breakfast Club….’nyuk nyuk’: 6 more words


You Know What's #Funny?

I have a deranged sense of humor. I was raised on Monty Python, Mel Brooks, Abbott & Costello, Three Stooges, bad puns, and just general weirdness. 179 more words

: a common affliction :

Outbreaks of the giggles are a plague on humanity. They render us helpless and sheepish when they strike, usually at the most inconvenient times (a funeral) or in highly unsuitable places (jury boxes). 319 more words