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"Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!"...

* Curly Howard


As we celebrate the silly, we might recall that it was on this date in 1948 that Columbia Pictures released “Hot Scots,” the 108th short film featuring The Three Stooges.   101 more words

"If commas are open to interpretation, hyphens are downright Delphic"*...

The tilde is 3,000 years old, but is there any grapheme that’s more ~of the times~? The little traveling worm, originally designed to convey approximation (and used in Spanish and Portuguese to denote certain sounds), expresses so much more: strangeness, emotional and physical distance — but perhaps most importantly, sarcasm…

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Becmi #2

Halleck stands with sword in hand, facing down a snake. It’s a ten footer, but it’s got some sweet loot and, uh, 3 hp. See the last post if you don’t know what an “hp” is. 917 more words

Dungeons And Dragons Basic

XII.---Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

At this point in our remodeling nirvana, my husband and I are once again at the point of asking for our money back, for the fourth time. 187 more words

Cmk Construction Complaints

Crapfest: Flashbacks, Floyd, & Frankenheimer

Hi there. Long time, no see.

April was an especially intense month for me. It tried to sneak in one last blow by not letting me make any money in the last weekend, but I instead flipped Destiny the bird and managed to get everyone to agree to a… 2,740 more words

The Wonderful World Of Crap

Do You Know this Salem Local from the Salem Trilogy?

Can You Guess the Name of This Salem Local…

This Salem local is an expert craftsman. A real expert in wood and true lover and supporter of local and national bands alike. 76 more words

Famous Salem Location