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On Presidential Comedy, as Intended or Inadvertent

Comedy is the most subjectively judged of all the lively arts, and there’s no accounting for what one laughs at.

We’ve always considered Laurel & Hardy comedic geniuses, and always thought The Three Stooges boringly low-brow and grotesque, even though they were telling the same profoundly true and universally funny slapstick joke about some poor schmuck getting hit on the head with a two-by-four or falling into a deep hole. 1,144 more words



Larrying Up

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3D Movie Memoirs

A personal anecdote about my long, loving relationship with 3D movies

It occurred to me recently, as I exited the local multiplex after a film screening, that the kids today casually tossing their handsomely designed plastic 3D glasses into the designated recycle bins, have no inkling as to how wonderful they have it. 1,443 more words

My Top 25 Three Stooges Shorts: #5 - #1

At last, we’ve made it to the top five! If you’ve been following along then I’d like to thank you for sticking with me. I had a tough time ranking these five, especially the two which ended up as #1 and #2. 1,257 more words


My Top 25 Three Stooges Shorts: #10 - #6

We’ve made it to the top ten! Everything from this point on is pure gold, otherwise they wouldn’t have been ranked so highly! Shorts #10 through #7 all feature the “upsetting of dignity” as a recurring theme, which is why I like them! 1,004 more words


My Top 25 Three Stooges Shorts: #15 - #11

Another day, another blog entry!¬†Please feel free to click like or leave a nice comment if you are enjoying these.¬†Now it’s time to press on to the third edition of my Three Stooges countdown! 1,104 more words