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Thursday Challenge - Unique 7-28-16

“UNUSUAL (2 of 2 weeks)” (Anything out of the ordinary…)

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on… 57 more words

Thursday Challenge

Are You a Beer Snob? (Part 4)

Earlier today a good friend of mine sent me a random text that just said, “Why do people drink Bud Light?”. I didn’t take any time to ponder it and snapped back these exact words: “Their cheap, they don’t really like beer, their lemmings, or a combo of all 3.”. 186 more words


It's shocking that you didn't call Winkle!

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Slapstick and the Novel


Note: Today’s post is a bit longer than usual due to the inclusion of a short book excerpt, but—hang tough—it’s worth it.

Slapstick or physical comedy falls into the… 1,249 more words


Ten Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

I’m a Canadian, so I will not be eligible to vote in the upcoming US election. However, I thought I would do a service to my American friends and outline the reasons why you should vote for The Donald… 196 more words


Disorder in the Court (1936)- Three Stooges

Hello All! Fresh off my own wonderfully successful blogathon, I’m back for more- this time as a participant for the Order in the Court Blogathon… 433 more words


How Obnoxious, and Who Knew?!

It’s one thing to get beaten to a garage sale, but the competition is starting to become obnoxious.  While garage sailing this past weekend I went to several sales and gave my usual greeting of “Good morning… you don’t by chance have any Nintendo for sale do you?”  Usually I get told “sorry we don’t”, or “sorry I’m keeping it”, and occasionally I get told “you should have been here earlier.”  Now I can understand the getting there earlier thing and of course the desire to keep these little treasures, but I was told something new last weekend that I hope is just a one off.   823 more words