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Three Things

Hello Friday!

It’s that time of the week again, when the work obligations wind down and a few days of freedom are on the horizon. Speaking of freedom, this upcoming Monday is Memorial Day, one of my favorite holidays (who am I kidding, I love them all). 212 more words



The exam went pretty well I think, and despite wasting an entire afternoon on films about the Fae, I still feel pretty good.

Didn’t go shooting or check out that cafe, but I am pretty relaxed. 239 more words


3 things... - 3 Dinge...

…that don’t seem to fit together. :-)

…die scheinbar nicht zusammen passen. :-) 23 more words


Student Living and Life in General

For pretty much no reason me and my housemate (as my partner is still at home and my other housemate has gone home too as shes no more exams) got some alcohol last night and started watching Star Trek TOS. 336 more words


Three Things

I PASSED MY PRELIMINARY EXAMS a week ago tomorrow! The weeks leading up the the exams were so incredibly stressful. I realized that I don’t really handle stress all that well (unless waking up, crying for 10 minutes, and then getting on with your day is the proper way to deal with stress). 96 more words

Three Things

Things To Know: Amtrak Train Derailment


7 dead and 200 sent to the hospital.

Mayor Nutter says investigators have not yet matched the passenger manifest with hospital records, so there are a number of people still unaccounted for. 285 more words


I slept for 15 hours last night.

Technically, it wasn’t my fault. I had a migraine, so it couldn’t be helped.

Also I had an anxiety attack last night, when my friends went out to the beach and I didn’t go. 105 more words