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haul way

It’s hard to take a three year old with no pants on seriously, no matter how mad he thinks he is.

Hello, three year olds!

Three days ago, our “babies” turned THREE!!!!  Last week my friend, Jen, came over and snapped a few three-year photos of the crew to mark this milestone.  86 more words


That's more like it

**After whining about going to the water park before riding the rides…**

“Aaliyah, stop. If you can’t be grateful we won’t go at all.”

“I will be grateful. 21 more words

Nature vs Nurture?

I don’t know if it’s still this way, because I am very old, but when I was studying psychology in school we spent a lot of time on the whole nature versus nurture thing. 863 more words

Seventy-Five Minutes

I have worked at a daycare since I was seventeen. Different centers, cities, job titles, and consistency,but I have worked daycare for 8 years. So, naturally, when I needed a part-time gig to give me a little extra money, I went back to working daycare. 2,950 more words

Everyday Adventures

But MOMMY...Working from home, writing, sanity and other things my kids are against

As I attempt to write this, Grace is sitting on my bed, wearing her Dora bathing suit. She is waiting to go to the pool, which we will do after my Tony’s training class ends. 740 more words

How to Live with a Strong Willed Three-nager

You pray that it doesn’t happen in public, or at all, ever, anywhere. Even if you aren’t someone who prays. You pray. You know that it is however, inevitable. 521 more words

Everyday Stresses