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On Resourcefulness

I am keeping this short tonight because I am EXHAUSTED.  Who knew how consuming planning a 3-year-old’s birthday party could be?

This afternoon BRK and I were making frosting for her cupcakes.   166 more words


Let's Make Pizza!

The 3’s study is “bread”, so they had someone from Marco’s Pizza come and show them all how to make a pizza.  He made 2 pizzas, which they got to enjoy for afternoon snack.


Two threenagers is twice the 'fun'

Hello, Officer, I’d like to report an abduction.

An abduction?

Three actually.

You’re reporting three abductions?

Yes. It was aliens, I think.  One abduction seems to be for the better, so I’d like to leave that one alone, but the other two are not good. 756 more words

To Vlog or not to Vlog

Hi guys!


It’s been so long but we have been so busy! Last time I wrote I was celebrating 1 month of bliss at my new (and still amazing) job. 407 more words


To Dream ... When Mommies Don't Get to Sleep Anymore ...

Being a mom (or dad) means that you will occasionally or frequently lose sleep. Tell you something you don’t know, right? I’ve only been a mom for nearly three years, but I can already imagine how I… 458 more words


Unthreesonable. Yeah, it’s a noun. My wife coined it, and it has all sorts of applications.

Kid is holding his crotch and moonwalking like Michael Jackson, then tells you “no” when you ask if he needs to go to the bathroom… THEN, five minutes later, pees his pants? 356 more words


Tantrums and logic

My three year old daughter has had a tantrum every single day this year. At least that only makes it three days … so far. 696 more words