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A 20th Century Grandma attends a 21st century 3rd birthday party

Aidan had his 3rd year birthday party, and I am recording some of the highlights before I completely forget.
When we got to the shelter at Upper Arlington he greeted us with these words. 510 more words


The Threenager 

Wow and just like that the adorable, cutesy cannot-do-wrong two year old is gone…and he’s not even 3 yet!!!
I remember this well with Levi and now it’s dawning on me that we are going back into the war zone with Louis. 456 more words


Kind of Funny Mom Tales...The Tri-Pony

Here’s how it went down.

It was time to go to Funtown for some skating and game-playing family madness! The girls were excited. I was excited. 313 more words


Look Out Telemarketers, My Three-Year-Old is Coming for Your Job

You know those calls you get late at night after you’ve had a long day of work or when you finally have a moment to yourself? 380 more words


All Cute Little Babies Turn Three (Or: Considering Making a Human? Read This First)

Just around the time my middle son turned five and morphed into a loving, funny little human capable of logic and reasoning, my youngest turned three. 1,169 more words

Personal Essay

Dear Diary: I want a sleep in!

He stands next to my bed smiling at me. The most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

The cheeky devil is lucky he’s so damn cute. He is up, so as far as he is concerned the rest of us should be. 245 more words

My Life, The Universe And Everything

2 to 1.

{Luke moved into Jonathan’s room}

So this happened a little over a month ago..  I knew when we did it, it was going to be amazing and easy right from the start. 324 more words