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He decided that the taste of his bacon would be greatly improved by dunking it in my coffee.

Where Does Our Breathing Go ? (or....Stream of Consciousness Writing When My Kid Is At Preschool)

The three year olds are throwing around the theology these days.

My three year old has been asking lots of interesting questions lately. This morning, as we were crossing the reservoir it was, “Why do bridges hold up?”   Yesterday it was, “Why do we not float away into space like balloons?”   Good questions baby. 2,773 more words

Oh I Think That I Found Myself a Threenager

Some days I do not like three. Not one bit. Three year olds are legit assholes, and if you disagree and say your three year old is an angel, well, you’re a bloody liar. 402 more words


"Batty" fun in the 3's!

Ms. Avinice’s class is getting in the Halloween spirit!  They are focusing on the letter ‘B’ this week and made bats.  They worked their fine motor skills by gluing blue tissue paper to the bats.

Three Year Olds

Making yourself heard - a 3 year old's guide

Communicating isn’t always easy when you’re three – us three year olds seem to have a reputation for being difficult, I don’t know why. If you’re having trouble making yourself heard, here is my guide to ensuring you are always listened to. 702 more words


sand toes

I am covered with banana flavoured amoxicillin and he is still indignantly yelling at me for having the audacity to make him take it.

Bedtime magic

A conversation that took place a few weeks before Mila’s fourth birthday: 

Mama: Where were you before you came into mommy’s tummy?

Mila: I don’t know. 164 more words