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The best age to be...

If you ever get the opportunity to speak to a three-year-old, ask them this question: “How old are you?” Chances are they will look you in the eye, hold up three fingers and say, “Free.” Ginny Junttila, my sister Claudia’s  mother-in-law, who was a kindergarten teacher for decades, told me she had asked this question of many three-year-old children over the years and all of them had responded the same way. 159 more words


Double Double

A quickie post to commemorate the fact that my children are, for the only time in their lives, exactly twice as old as each other. 1.5, 3, and 6. 164 more words

Life In PNG

Favorite May Photos

There were some small milestones and other things worth documenting that happened in the last six weeks. Here’s a glimpse in slightly haphazard order.

We had talked about getting bunk beds for  a while, and even priced them out in town, but hadn’t done anything about it… but then I mentioned the idea to Michael Nolie, the station maintenance man, and he came over with some timbers and nailed one bed on top of the other! 113 more words

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Six and three, a fun party

Annie and Tabitha had a birthday party at the end of April.

There was a picnic lunch, with cake, of course.

Afterwards everyone went down to the basketball court and played games. 96 more words

Life In PNG

Sunshine and Frustration in May

I thought for sure that this month would be kind of dull for Ray. The sun has finally started to come out a little more and it seemed that this was going to me just a fun, quiet month. 667 more words

"Do I Have To Wear Pants at Preschool?"

I registered my fourth kid for preschool yesterday. My older three have gone to the same preschool, and it has been a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to messy handprint art and wobbly attempts at writing his name. 448 more words

Three Year Olds Are Dumb As Shit. Get A Brain Three Year Olds. Learn Who Your Damn Mother Is. It's Not That Hard You Know.

Do you ever have the same nightmare over and over again? I actually do not, I just thought that’d be a fun sentence to start this thing with. 702 more words