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“Let them be little… ’cause they’re only that way for a while.” -Unknown

Grayson, Age 3

Alexander Park Lawrenceville, GA





《布布遇见蓝大兔》说的是:布布是个开心果,他不明白’难过’是怎么一回事,直到他遇见了一只蓝蓝的大兔子。因为长得跟其他兔子不一样, 蓝大兔相当忧郁,它的世界一点色彩都没有。布布告诉蓝大兔,又蓝又大其实很不错啊!天空蓝蓝大大的,小鸟能在天空翱翔,白云显得更可爱。大海蓝蓝大大的,孕育了许多海洋生物,更让沙滩看来更洁白。蓝大兔听着听着,开始领悟了什么,脸上露出了笑容,它的世界也不再灰灰蓝蓝了。




Sugarlump and the Unicorn

Words by Julia Donaldson| Illustrations by Lydia Monks

This book is about: a magical unicorn who is able to make any horse’s wish come true. Sugarlump the rocking horse is not content with what he has. 189 more words


The first day of school

We started school this week and I wasn’t really prepared for how AWESOME it would be.

Now before you ask “school?  already?”, “wasn’t it emotional?”, “what are you going to do with all your free time?”, and “are you going back to work?” let me clarify that they started preschool, half days, part time so it’s not really enough time for us to make big changes but the twins were ready for some (more) structure, and honestly I needed the break from the “threenagers”. 458 more words


3-Year-Olds are Assholes...and Other Unfortunate Realities of Parenthood

Three-year-olds are horrible.

And by three, I really mean like, two to four.

I’m hoping it ends by four. I guess I don’t really know. 742 more words



THE BOYS STARTED PRESCHOOL YESTERDAY. It’s completely unreal. I feel excited, sad, shocked, proud, wistful…so many emotions swirling through my heart. It feels like they were just tiny little babies and now they are in preschool.  125 more words


Back to School

Today was our in-service day to clean, organize, and decorate our classroom. For the 2016-2017 school year, I did my room in a nautical theme. 360 more words