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Dinosaur Lego

We, as in my husband, daughter and I, are spending three weeks with my in laws in Montana. The trip up here it’s quite a hike: either three days driving, which is a nightmare with just my husband, it would be almost impossible with a three year old. 451 more words

In Laws

Good Books for... Catholic 3 to 4 year olds 

By age three, toddlers are becoming preschoolers and are ready for longer, more challenging stories. Here are some of our favorites for this age!

If you only buy one book off this list, buy… 997 more words

Book Lists

Good books for.... Catholic 2 to 3 year olds

    At two to three years old, children have a longer attention span and a greater appreciation for detailed illustrations. There are so many wonderful books for this age! 614 more words

    Book Lists


    Trolls in Akureyri

    Strokkur, son of Geysir

    Icelandic horses


    Gullfoss from my perch

    Vík beach

    Humpback blowholes and dorsal

    We visited Iceland for 10 days in July. 100 more words


    Conversations with a Three Year Old


    I tell you what I have had some fairly interesting conversations with a lot of people. The best ones happen to come from my three year old. 340 more words


    The best age to be...

    If you ever get the opportunity to speak to a three-year-old, ask them this question: “How old are you?” Chances are they will look you in the eye, hold up three fingers and say, “Free.” Ginny Junttila, my sister Claudia’s  mother-in-law, who was a kindergarten teacher for decades, told me she had asked this question of many three-year-old children over the years and all of them had responded the same way. 159 more words


    Double Double

    A quickie post to commemorate the fact that my children are, for the only time in their lives, exactly twice as old as each other. 1.5, 3, and 6. 164 more words

    Life In PNG