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Game On.

“Mommy, come and sit with me”.

“Mommy, let’s play hide and seek”.

“Mommy, tell me a story”.

These are all common pleas from my three-year old, Skye; invitations to stop whatever important thing I may be doing at the moment, for which she has absolutely no concern.   1,083 more words


3 Cheers For 3 Year-Old Millie!

It’s official. My baby is three! For the past three years I was certain that Millie would be a baby forever. As bad as it is to say, I tried to rush her through the baby stages as fast as I could. 289 more words

A new year at Good Shepherd

Our school year began the first week of February with a weeklong retreat for the seminarians given by Fr. Christian Sieland. The next week started off with our opening Mass and handover/takeover ceremony from our outgoing rector Fr. 473 more words

Life In PNG

the terrible threes...

Is it just me, or is three an incredibly difficult age?  I had always heard about the “terrible twos.” For some reason I thought that three would be easier, I was wrong. 464 more words


Snow Day, Part 2


I yank the steering wheel and pull over on the shoulder of the narrow, windy road that drops to a river rushing below. 513 more words

Little Feet, Little Feet

Minute by minute, hour by hour, Miss C is at my side. Her three-feet-off-the-ground colour commentary begins before my eyes are open and doesn’t end until her eyes close. 477 more words


Confessions to a Stranger

A brief conversation with a little girl at my daughters school went something like this