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Topics for Toddlers

There are fifty-two weeks in a year. Sometimes, figuring out what you’re suppose to teach or share with your toddler for fifty-two weeks can be challenging. 405 more words


Three Year Classroom (Ages 3yrs. - 4yrs.)

In our Three Year classroom or early preschool class, we introduce the Mother Goose Time Curriculum which uniquely weaves 33 research-based skills through monthly activities and discovery projects. 92 more words

Destiny Starr Academy

Maternity Leave

Whew. It’s winding down. Sweet Pea is in pre-school 2 days a week right now to reacquaint herself with that whole routine. Brother Bear (working nickname) is still with me for 3 more short weeks. 456 more words

Lady Of The House

Almost losing my child (and my shit) at the library.

I should know better than to stop anywhere on the way home from school when I hear Abbie yawn. When grown-ups are tired, we sleep. If we can’t sleep, we might get a tad cranky. 758 more words



Ok, so my house is super small.

The husband got a new job with a much much longer commute. Back when we lived in NYC, I actually worked in New Jersey. 620 more words


Cold Cold

We’ve had a cold front down here in Florida. It got to the low 40s!

Our house is about eighty years old. It’s mostly one big room and it’s not insulated at all. 596 more words


Fizzlepop Berrytwist: WTF?

1. “Is that poop or peanut butter?” (Smells sleeve)

2. “Hi Mom (parent of student). Just wanted to let you know that your son pooped in his pants today. 94 more words