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Dear Everly,

These days, your imagination has been running wild and we have been just smitten with your little three-year-old ways.  Our pediatrician told us at your 3-year old checkup that this would happen and she was correct – right around  your 3rd birthday your creativity has been blossoming and your Dad and I love watching you become so inspired by things.  213 more words

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Squeezing Out the Last Bits of Summer

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is just a few days away and just how fast this summer has gone by.  Seems like just the other day we were peeking out our windows looking for the first signs of spring and now we’re seeing little glimpses of fall and starting to hear the familiar crackle of dried leaves wisping down the driveway. 241 more words

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3 Years and 9 Months

Someone needs to tell these girls to S L O W it down with the growing already, because clearly they are not listening to my pleas.  457 more words

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Dearest Bella,

You have recently turned three years old. Every time I let myself realise how old you are, I am convinced it is my favourite age yet. 617 more words