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Sexy Rendevous & Really Weird Dream

D was called in for reserve, and even though we sometimes do not see each other for a full week, this time, since he was physically far away, it felt like forever. 751 more words

Single Mom

How Not to Get Sex

It’s February 14, Valentine’s Day, which means that people in general have one thing on their mind: romance. Whether it’s the abundance you share with your SO or the complete lack of it you tolerate by self-medicating with your cat and Netflix, this holiday is one that renders down the primordial human instinct to pair bond into a saccharine, pink, and chocolatey goop, underscoring the importance of—in the broadest, most general sense—loving those around you and appreciating the relationships, romantic or otherwise, that fulfill you and make you an emotionally healthy human being. 1,756 more words

Enchanted & Appalled

Welcome Home Robbie!!

What else is there to say… R.O.B. was an awesome find!  Thanks Sega Dude for setting up the three way trade on Kijiji.  In the end he cost me $130 for a complete Robbie with the exception of his hands that I have to purchase on Ebay… if they are even available.   978 more words

More Filtering

So, I have my criteria for a date, and then for sex. But what about a second date?

  • If we have Penis-in-Vagina sex on the first date, and it is…
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New Year's Goals

A reordered list, in order of priorities. I’m thinking that I’ll just try to tackle 1 thing a month, besides possibly looking for a 4th Lover. 298 more words


So, next 30 days.
Realistically the next 30 days of my sex life is going to be more circumscribed than the past 30, as I’ll be on a family-friend vacation for part of it (and honestly, while  I contemplated an invitation from a lovely male “friend” to “visit” whilst on said vacation: I need a break). 270 more words

Tamsin, Oleander and Rose talk S-E-X

Chemical X that is!

THE Sexy Librarian, Rose Caraway, invited Tamsin and Oleander to participate in a blog-cast interview, which you can listen to, right here! 79 more words