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Pleasuring You Both

I thought I was going to be more nervous than excited, walking up to the hotel room to meet you and your friend, but I can’t deny the fact that I am so thrilled to pleasure you both. 2,063 more words

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When You're With Your Girlfriends, You're Bound To Talk About Threesomes

When a group of girl friends get together there is bound to be a conversation or two about sex. Last weekend in particular there were many, and the topic of the elusive threesome came up for the first time since college. 543 more words

Uk GE Soft White ThreeWay Incandescent Bulb 50100150 watts

The light bulb aisle at home improvement stores is an overwhelmingdisplay of options – CFLs, LEDs, incandescents, lumens and watts,warm light and cool light. That’s not even getting into pricevariation. 363 more words

Painless LDR 520 2469CP ThreeWay Shower Diverter and Mount Chrome

Chrome Hearts Jewelry had originally began as a small, tightly knit circle of jewelers committed to their craft. Each individual item of chrome Hearts jewelry on offer had been painstakingly and lovingly molded and forged by diligent human hands. 262 more words

Q, You

Q, you wonderfully omnipotent bastard, you.

In all of Star Trek only Q reigns supreme. He is all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful. Basically he is what we would call God. 462 more words

Back to School Recall: IKEA Beds Pose Injury Risk to Children During Dorm Room Menage a Trois

LEIDEN, NETHERLANDS – Ikea, the largest furniture company in the world, has issued a recall of several Flutenbrrrg beds after the Consumer Product Safety Comission released a study showing that they have been responsible for injuries in dozens of fairly common collegiate threesomes. 136 more words


Sometimes the best things come in Three's

About a month ago my boyfriend and I decided to be open minded about having a third person in our relationship. We didn’t want to go into this strictly based on sex but more focused on a relationship. 491 more words