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Some pictures wot I took.

Today I had a journey to undertake, so I decided to bring my camera with me and see if I could spot anything worthy of scrutiny. 529 more words

Some Pictures Wot I Took.

I’ll Miss You, Mass Effect

I’ll miss you, terrible user interface.

I’ll miss you, obnoxiously long elevator rides.

I’ll miss you, Mako that refuses to bow to the laws of physics. 141 more words

Video Games

Mass Effect: Great Story, Bit Broken

I caught up with the rest of the gaming world this week by finally, finally finishing Mass Effect. Loads of people, not to mention my co-blogger Sir Gaulian, have recommended that I play it, and it’s not hard to see why: the story is up there with the best I’ve seen in a video game. 1,126 more words

Video Games