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Changing Your Medications

I do not like the new meds I am on.. I was doing just fine with what I was getting threw primary care and now my psychiatrist came up with this new stuff and Im all down and cant think as good… I m so over whelmed with paperwork and trying to keep myself together and now Im eating like a pig and Had my period from March 1st till March 23rd ,,,, Im irritated…. 7 more words

Physical Pain?

I just got threw vomiting a over the pool table I was laying on ( gross, I know ). Does anyone else get really terrible pains in the abdomen before a flash back? 20 more words

Day 12 - Motion

stay still they said

And do not move

But I threw that ball

It went down the lane

There is nothing still

About bowling 


threw the ball

windows smashed

cash left

and hope disappeared

and hope vanished

and it was the lasting promise

and its own intense

and those of the water running… 51 more words


Should I Call My Therapist? Had A Flashback

I m not sure, but I think I had a flashback. What happened threw me completely off guard and blew me away. My abuser, who happens to be my father, came to visit for niece s baptism (LDS–so she is eight) and I literally saw my father as he looked 20 years ago, and saw myself as an eight year old instead of my niece. 54 more words

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Richer: Leonardo DiCaprio Threw a Big Fancy Party at This Big Fancy Villa

Wednesday, January 7, 2015, by Spencer Peterson

Leonardo DiCaprio threw a big New Years bash not at the Times Square Applebees, but on the isle of St. 18 more words