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Throwing my hands up

I practically threw my hands up in the air after reading this on Yahoo! Style:

It’s the kind of homophonic mistake that only happens on Yahoo!.


Actors Who Threw Their Own Movie Under The Bus

A list of actors throwing their own movies under the bus includes…

Actors know when they’ve made a bad movie. It just takes them a while to admit it. 175 more words


Physical Pain?

I just got threw vomiting a over the pool table I was laying on ( gross, I know ). Does anyone else get really terrible pains in the abdomen before a flash back? 20 more words

Nova strong in return, Yanks rout Phils

  • ”I almost cried when I was walking by the tunnel,” Nova said.
  • With a fastball that reached 95 mph, Nova walked two and struck out one.
  • 75 more words

Tiffany – Dad Threw Little Daughter (2013/Inzest/HD) http://bit.ly/1cIER82

Changing Your Medications

I do not like the new meds I am on.. I was doing just fine with what I was getting threw primary care and now my psychiatrist came up with this new stuff and Im all down and cant think as good… I m so over whelmed with paperwork and trying to keep myself together and now Im eating like a pig and Had my period from March 1st till March 23rd ,,,, Im irritated…. 7 more words