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Fun find: Spice tins

I went garage saling today. A lot of it was overpriced junk, but I found a few gems here and there: a four-outlet USB charger for 25 cents, a couple nice picture frames for a dollar a piece, and the Robert Fagles translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey, which are renowned for not being as dull as dish water. 209 more words


Fashion | Wild Canyons

I love this sage green maxi from Forever 21, it’s got a romantic, slightly Grecian feel to it. I also love how I can wear all these muted colors and still look bold and loud, cause my hair’s this colorful accessory! 33 more words


Bits and Pieces

My mum divided her chives up and sent me home with a nice clump.

These will be lovely stirred through mashed potato.

Choc chip biscuits making the house smell yummy for when my kids get home from school. 153 more words


Thrifting haul

New York City boasts hundreds of little thrift stores, but luckily I’ve got one two minutes away from my suburban home, tucked at the back of a teeny church. 160 more words

Book Reviews

Getting into gear for gardening

I had an awesome surprise when I went shopping at Aldi today: packages of summer and perennial bulbs and rhizomes for just $1.69, $4.30 less than what had been advertised in the weekly circular. 126 more words


Aging ironically: The twenty-foe birthday edition(OOTD)

I had a b-day yesterday.

I love my b-days because they’re always happy events full of people close to me who are actually enjoying themselves. I hate my b-days when I have to go to work. 379 more words


Scored thriftiness OOTD: high-waist pants and office smartassery

Sometimes I like to dress up. Like really dress up, almost formal.

Although my work wear is a white doctor’s-like coat, I wear my own clothes underneath. 419 more words