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Jackets, jackets and more jackets.

Seems like lately all i buy is jackets, because all i find or like is jackets, been to several new year sale events in several stores but couldn’t find something interesting except them, in Value Village i spent two hours with just a forever 21 basic tshirt (it was brand new with tags), than suddenly i’ve found two new jackets beside each other, one reddish orange gap mini peacoat and the other is Fresh Joe Trench Coat but with a Trapeze cut, they were 15 and 8 but with 50% discount, i tried to choose but i liked their colors very much so i took both of them. 27 more words


Summer Fashion 001

I love shopping off season, that how u find best quality stuff at really low prices. So, i never let a piece that i like get out of my hands even if i will wear it in 6 months; that’s why i felt thrilled when i went to Value Village Christmas Sale and found the below pieces: 33 more words


+ OOTD +

Hey friends, today my sister and I went to the mall and I wanted to show you my outfit of the day! We did some Christmas shopping and some for ourselves. 40 more words

 J. Crew, baby!!!

Recently, when it comes to clothes my heart beats accelerate only when i spot anything polka dots or J. Crew; so imagine my feelings when i found J. 60 more words


Shoes Shopping 001

It’s been a long time since last time i bought shoes, as a SAHM who doesn’t go out to anyplace nice i end up wearing the same old sneakers everytime i go out, and at some occasions i wear my suede basquets. 146 more words


I took an impromptu trip to my happy place today, the Goodwill Store. Boy oh, boy did I luck up in there. One of my favorite sweaters ended up with some kind of gap in the threads. 55 more words


Fashion Swap

So, i always hear about fashion swap but never been to one, i thought ottawa doesn’t have those kind of events, till one day i tried to google it and found the meetup.com site and found a swap meeting just 20 minutes walk from my appartement. 175 more words