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She Did: Oversized and funky

That DIY mixed-pattern top from last post is funky enough as it is – busy patterns, asymmetric and oversized. For some people it would fit nice on the ‘I’d seriously never wear that’ rack. 319 more words


Thrifting: Modern Cardboard Cat Scratch Thing

A few weeks back we found a cardboard cat scratcher thingy at VV for $5 and brought it home for the cats. They, predictably, didn’t even touch it. 35 more words


Free "Arm Party"

Saturday morning is the garage sale time, as usual. Today, there was a garage sale in every corner, plus a huge one in Dovercourt Community Center. 94 more words


Thrifting: $1 House Vase

HOW CUTE IS THIS. I don’t know what this white plastic house thingy is supposed to be, but I think it makes the most perfect vase. 38 more words


Towards an amoral thrift in the face of austerity

In May 2015 a small group of UK academics met to share thoughts and practices related to the idea of thrift. It was the day following the general election and a win on the part of the Conservative Party that would inevitably see austerity measures continued. 1,212 more words

Samuel Smiles

Festival Style Sequin HalterĀ 

Festival season is a perfect excuse to show of your most prized possession in your wardrobe, no matter how crazy, it’s allowed. So here is mymost recent purchase, all the way from India: My Sequin Halter! 184 more words


Garage Sale 001

Saturday Morning i did some houswares shopping from a garagesale just around the corner, here are my finds:

My best find A collectible New York Satrbucks Mug. 22 more words