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On a Mission Book Store

This seems to be my month for finding used book stores. A friend recommended that I check out Better Buy Books on First Avenue in Mission, BC, just over the Fraser River from where I live. 310 more words


Frugal Finds: The Biz of Thrifting

Before Macklemore made thrifting a mainstream shopping trend, it was a true discount shopper’s mainstay.

After working in retail for over three years, I understand the dynamic of price changes. 164 more words


Spring Break Book Haul

Used bookstores are one of my most favorite things on the planet, and this past week my sister over at The Casual Philosopher brought me to a new one she found awhile ago.   411 more words


The Paper Hound Book Shop

My sweetheart and I spent a night in Vancouver celebrating my birthday. We stayed at the Victorian Hotel, a quaint little place on Howe and Pender. 153 more words


Heavy Metal to Midriff Melody

Welcome to #4 Heavy Metal to Midriff Melody this month’s~

I unearthed this “Treasure” at the Salvation Army on 96th Street.


They were just about to put it on the floor when I snagged it for a cool… 459 more words


Old sewing patterns can be pretty darn cool.

So you know how the other night the issue of the colour of a dress – was it blue and black, or gold and white? – broke the internet? 501 more words

On thrift shop shopping and bargain hunting

Over the years, I have had people coming up to me, to give compliments about my clothes, make up etc.

And some girls seems to be in shock after knowing I have only spent a few bucks on that beautiful cardigan I was wearing that day. 643 more words

Bargain Hunting