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Rainbow Thrifting

While wandering the People’s Republic of San Francisco with my friend John last Monday, the day after the biggest, pinkest, rainbowiest, rowdiest Pride that the city had ever seen, I came across a thrift store that seems to capture the city’s zeitgeist perfectly: 125 more words

Thrift Finds

Too hot for hospice

at seventy-one
I’ve given up sin
so off go the
scanties to
thrift shop’s back bin

I scarcely recall
the donning or doffing
or even the reason… 84 more words

Karen Stephen Author


Paraphernalia is defined as “miscellaneous articles” making it a great name for a newly opened used furniture shop in Abbotsford. Paraphernalia, the shop, is located on the corner of S Fraser Way and Hilltout and is owned by Mark and Fiona. 298 more words


Sad, Sad Lot of Sega Sports for Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is a sad, almost Shakespearean climax to the great Saga of Sega. Long accustomed to being second or third banana to Nintendo in the domestic Japanese video game market, Sega’s aggressive marketing, lack of censorship, and early entry into the 16-bit market meant that its Genesis console carved out a worldwide niche for itself. 502 more words

Thrift Finds

China Stash

Today I added to my burgeoning stash of China cups and saucers. I bought this…

And this……

This delightful China cup and saucer is marked “Laura Ashley” and has a quirky handle placed at an angle and is gloriously pink. 81 more words

Victory in Victoria

I’ve visited the lovely city of Victoria many times and love it. It’s a beautiful city – fitting for the provincial capital, methinks – plus I have a very good friend I meet there for lunch most times, which always makes it worth the ferry ride. 320 more words


The Batless Joker

The Super Jumbo Mega Deluxe Gold Platinum Elite Club collector’s edition of video games has taken off with a vengeance in today’s marketplace. After all, why get only $60 from someone buying the latest overproduced triple-A game title when you can throw in a cheap figure and a soundtrack CD and get $160 for it? 202 more words

Thrift Finds