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Blue and White China

We’ve all had the experience of purchasing a piece of fabric that we absolutely loved and held it back for the perfect project only to later discover that we kept it too long, so long in fact that our fickle affections faded; what was once appealing had grown tiresome and out of favor.   210 more words


Round vs. Straight

Warning: this is a pet-peeve blog post in which I tell you how I really feel.

I was in my local Salvation Army Thrift Store recently and noticed that they had changed nearly all their racks from long, straight racks to round racks. 375 more words


The Most 1988 Watch Ever

When you’re out thrifting, you often hope to find things that capture the zeitgeist and style of a forgotten era. Art Nouveau from the oughties, Art Deco from the thirties, even hippie-dippie stuff from the sixties. 205 more words

Thrift Finds

Treasures From The Thrift Shop

Okay so here is a small confession; I got my dad and Alondra’s holiday gifts from a thrift shop. There, I said it. The thrift shop is a great place to find things of value for a cheap price. 250 more words


I am a junk shopper. A user of used things. An enthusiast of thrift. Like most people, I’ll never argue with a bargain, but my  728 more words

Writing For Children

ToniOnThrifting 31 – Treasure Trove Vintage Antiques & Thrift - New and Improved at New Location

Treasure Trove Vintage Antiques & Thrift has moved. Its new location is at 115 N. McQuestern Highway in Mount Vernon. It is new, improved, and better than ever. 289 more words


Why I Thrifted in 2015

I’m not one for making Resolutions on January 1st.  Have I made them in the past? Yes. Have I kept them? Hell no. Until 2015. Last year I finally did it–I finally kept a New Year’s goal for the entire 365 days. 507 more words