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Thrift (noun)
– careful use of money so that it is not wasted.

Wearing clothes shouldn’t always mean expensive , there are a lot of ways to spend a little money but gain more stuff; To all of my fellow street stylers and street dappers out who tried buying from Thrift shops well, cheers!!!! 211 more words


Hali Bote and the Mysterious Magic Jade of Ten Thousand Years

Harry Potter is a global phenomenon. There’s real international appeal to everybody’s favorite empty wizard jock cipher, his idot best friend, his Mary Sue girlfriend, and the super competent wizard who was a much better match for Harry goddammit. 211 more words

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Robo Toro: Prime Directives

Over the years, I have seen many strange products invited into people’s homes. Bad paintings. Novelty end tables. But nothing like this:

This is a uGallop mechanical bull, and it is designed and available for home use. 67 more words

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Cobra Commander vs. GT Joe

The Shelby Cobra GT Ford Mustangs are legendary, souped-up pony cars that fired the imagination of a generation of drivers. But what about the next generation, children not even zygotes when the mechanically savvy yet financially unsavvy Carroll Shelby began putting venemous snakes on high-performance autos? 113 more words

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Wang Beads

Wang’s Wii Beads.

Never mind. I’m not even gonna touch that one.

Store: Goodwill, Oxford, MS.
Asking Price: $0.59
Bought?: No
Value… 22 more words

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Really Sexist Cards

We’ve come a long way as far as casual sexism goes, but sometimes you have to take a look back to see just how bad things were: 108 more words

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The Broke Girl's Guide to Having a Great Weekend

Doing nothing at the weekend can be depressing, but when you’re short on funds sometimes it feels like you don’t have a choice.

Fear not- it is possible to enjoy yourself on a budget. 630 more words