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When to Say Goodbye to a Thrifted Piece

I’m curious from my readers who thrift regularly-how often do you sort through and purge your closet? How do you decide when to no longer hold onto a thrifted garment? 780 more words

Thrift Shopping

Share Irvine's secret treasures with your holiday guests.

By Marta Mahoney, Assistance League of Irvine Member

This past month I’ve had two friends visiting me, one from Hawaii and one from New York City, I took both of them to the thrift shop. 338 more words

Thrift Store

To Thrift or not to Thrift

Is Thrift store shopping as bad as most people make it seem?
Is buying second hand clothing really that “Gross” ?
Or is it the stigma created by those who do not stray into the unconventional ways of shopping, that is stopping us? 628 more words


The True Cost of Fast Fashion

I came across this documentary a while back and I think it’s well worth mentioning. For anyone concerned about fast fashion and the true story behind how most of our clothing is made, this will be of great interest. 232 more words

Thrift Shopping


It’s reality time around here today.  Well … yesterday, today and a few more days following.  If I am brave enough to post the pictures, this article will prove once and for all, that indeed, I don’t always have a spotless house! 706 more words


Books- my first love

Hello my name is Jenny and I’m a bibliophile. I love books, I love reading, always have, always will. My bag always has a book in it, no matter how inconvenient the situation may be I always make sure to have some reading material on hand- I brought a book to a music festival… for some essential early morning tent reading. 685 more words

Life Oh Life

Let me tell you about my haul!

I am super excited about my thrift store haul today. I don’t normally post about clothing, but this was just too good to pass up. I’m big on shopping, but I’m also big on finding deals and using coupons. 135 more words