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Thrifting - The New Vegan Essential

When shopping for a new wardrobe, you wouldn’t normally give it much thought. Obviously, you’re such to check labels for leather, silk and wool, but not much else will deter you from making a purchase. 411 more words


Session 136: Thrift Store Rescue

It’s an art and recreation session combined! Visit a local thrift store or garage sale and pick out something to rescue and repurpose. Get creative! Here are some hints for things to look for on your adventure: 220 more words

The thrift store (part 6) the elephants

(See below for links to part one thru five)

Gert, where are your glasses? What the heck is happening with you? But Gert just turned to her with a gentle smile, her eyes bright with the hint of tears and said nothing. 924 more words


Old Books, Old Letters

October 12 – As my mom used to say when we were kids many years ago, “I’ve been so busy today that you’d have a hard time following me around!” Way back then I couldn’t understand what she was talking about, because I always thought that kids of my age could run around a lot, and could easily beat out any adult. 404 more words


How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Do you ever find yourself looking through your closet for the perfect, only to find yourself saying “I have absolutely nothing to wear”? This happens way too often for me; I have a closet full of clothes but sometimes I just cannot find the perfect outfit. 470 more words


Boo-tiful Halloween Shop at Assistance League of Albuquerque Thrift Shop

Shop is open and it is “boo-tiful”…so many costumes that you have to ask to see what they have…can’t get them all out at once. 10-4 at the Albuquerque Assistance League of Albuquerque Thrift Shop. 34 more words

Assistance League Of Albuquerque

Looking for the perfect gift?

We’ve all had to deal with it. Finding a present for that hard-to-please person. Or the person who would be pleased with anything, but seems to have everything. 210 more words

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