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Not a post about Greece

Oh it’s been so long! When I went to bed last night I had planned on waking up today and doing a blog post to finish my Greece series, but then the dog woke me up early (why does that happen on my one day off?), and I got cranky, and I couldn’t find where the photos we took in Greece were saved (because it was a year and a half ago!) so I said screw it, and I crocheted in my pajamas and then went to the thrift store instead. 444 more words


Design On a Budget: My Recent Purchases

If you have the money available for home decor, it’s easy to splurge on something expensive rather than hunting for an affordable alternative. And there are some items, in my opinion, that shouldn’t be bought “used” (hearing horror stories of infested fabrics and such has certainly deterred me and changed some opinions I once held). 453 more words

Budget Tips

Up-Cycled Lamps For the Novice DIYer

A few weeks ago my parents were in town for a visit. I had a pretty extensive “daddy to-do list.” One of the projects my dad completed was changing out the light fixture in my dining room. 250 more words

Before & After - Union Jack End Table Re-do

Hi again!  I’ve been looking forward to showing off this end table makeover, it’s definitely one of my favorites, even if the actual process was not only a learning curve but also, at times, so frustrating I wanted to scream! 762 more words


One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure: Thrifting

Thrifting is a highly underrated sport. Yes, I just called it a sport. Sifting through racks upon racks of clothing with no apparent sorting scheme is exhausting, okay? 251 more words



If you love comic books, you go to Comic-Con. If you love thrift shopping, you celebrate NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP DAY (that would be WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17) by visiting the ALI thrift shop! 89 more words

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