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Outfit of the day May 24

Another perfectly ordinary day, marred only by a sub-par prepackaged cookie I bought at lunchtime. Oh, it was not good. Rather oily and tasted like lightly sweetened modeling dough. 20 more words


Always Carry Pepper Spray When Shopping at Thrift Stores?

Jasmin and my personalities are both similar and polar opposite at the same time.  Sometimes this works in our favor, sometimes it doesn’t.  I’m more adventurous and ready to try new things, while Jasmin is more cautious and thinks we’re going to be murdered everywhere we go.   883 more words


Outfit of the day May 23

Another gray, chilly day in Okieland. There must’ve been a mixup at the sorting facility, because this isn’t typical late May weather here! 😁

Embracing the last bit of cardigan weather… … 112 more words


Coming Attractions in Irvine

Every time we turn on the TV we are deluged with ads for “Coming Attractions” at the movies. At ALI, we can’t afford to buy TV air time, so here are ALI’s OWN COMING ATTRACTIONS FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! 241 more words

Thrift Store

Just Before You Go-a-Thrifting

“He who will not economize, will have to agonize”Confucius

Wise man that Confucius, He totally knew what he was saying when he uttered the words above. 751 more words


Smart Shoppers Only

Think you’re a smart shopper? How much do you think you’ve spent on clothing/accessories in the last 3 months? For me, I would say probably around $300 bucks easily, and I am in no way, shape, or form trying to keep up with the Benjamin’s. 346 more words


Thrift Store Finds: May 2017

Just a super quick post. My mom and I went to Value Village and Salvation Army and picked up a few items. She spoiled Ben and I went shopping for the home. 193 more words