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Donna outfit

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the musical Mamma Mia (the current cast in the West End are seriously good) and sometimes I find something in my wardrobe that fits a character. 82 more words


Vintage Maria Gallend skirt and jacket suit

Vintage, European blue wool jacket and skirt:

Brand:  Maria Gallend  |  Size:  6  |  Sisters price:  $36.99

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Algo dress and jacket suit

Long, navy blue, sleeveless dress with a matching, beaded jacket:

Brand:  Algo  |  Size:  10  |  Sisters price:  $44.99

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A load of old baubles

I’ve been exploring upcycled Christmas baubles and ways to turn old ones into lovely new ones.

You can use old baubles that have lived in the dusty corner of the loft for years, let’s face it we all have those, or I’ve found that charity shops and thrift stores often have a huge selection to choose from. 329 more words


War time Baking 

I’m not much inclined to cook. I can cook but I don’t. Now and again I have a reason to cook and then I get carried away. 150 more words


First Collaboration: Goodwill Clothing Drive!

Let’s Put The “good” in Goodwill…

CodyKhody is hosting its first ever clothing drive to support the local Goodwill in Providence, Rhode Island (where I’m from). 139 more words


A thought for Black Friday

This lovely little image has been making the rounds on Facebook and I thought it was highly appropriate for this day – and all days. Let’s keep this in mind as we are increasingly bombarded with the pressure to buy this season. 48 more words