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Meal Plan: Monday 6th July

This week, we’re using up a lot of leftover meat — some chicken left over from last week (panic not, it’s been in the freezer), some lamb from the MASSIVE leg of lamb we had for Sunday lunch, and a pack of pork mince that’s been lingering in the freezer for a while. 102 more words


Kribs: Into the nook

Yes, I wrote Kribs for a reason – and it’s because I had to stress I actually mean Kitschy Cribs (but Kribs sounds so much more like me). 357 more words


Github Student Dev Pack

If you don’t already know github is giving away hundreds of dollars worth of developer startup material to students with valid educational emails. Worth the look if you have a .edu



Wall to Wall White Boards

For the little engineer inside us all there is Thrifty White Tile Board from HomeDepot. My roommate and I recently installed almost 130 sq. ft. of white boards in our house. 30 more words


make you no idols

I’ve never really been one to have fashion idols. I don’t admire specific people so much as specific styles: geometric prints, bright colours, flattering silhouettes. Having high expectations for a particular person’s (or as if often the case for me – TV character’s) fashion choices can be tricky, there’s bound to be a time when they take risks you don’t agree with ( 217 more words


Life Is Like A Box Of Experiments

Our corporate lives were hectic. You must be expecting me to say how wonderful it is to slow down as a medical student, eh? Ha! No sir. 341 more words

Pursuit Of Happiness

Thrifty Summer - part one

There haven’t been any specific activities in the last two weekends – a play date, running a charity event, life and such like have kept us rather busy. 295 more words