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InWear blouse

Mandarin-style collar, side slits and fabric knot closures:

Brand: InWear  |  Size: small  Sisters price: $17.99

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Michael Kors sandals

Signature gold-brown logo, open-back sandals:

Brand: Michael Kors  Size: 8  (2 1/2″ kitten heels) Sisters price: $34.99

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Dear Charity Shop

Dear Charity Shop,

I have loved you for a long time my dearest Charity Shop. For the past two decades I have raked your treasures and idled amongst your aisles. 451 more words


Barcelona Chair

Soooo… I wasn’t going to get any new chairs, but this beauty popped up for $40 (!!!!) and I HAD to! It’s super comfortable and the ottoman is perfection. 28 more words


Papillon dress

Lightweight knit dress with half sleeves and a touch of Paisley:

Brand: Papillon  |  Size: medium  Sisters price: $15.99

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Thrifting - How do I begin?

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a “thrifter.” I love watching videos and reading posts about people’s thrift finds and I’ve always been jealous. 290 more words