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Drowning in Veggies? 5 Steps for Using a CSA Farm Share

It’s dinnertime on a Wednesday, and you’ve just been handed 10 pounds of fresh, organic, locally-grown, assorted vegetables!

You’re eager to get some of them onto your family’s plates tonight and make sure you use every bit as wisely as you can before next week—when another load of vegetables will arrive—and you never know what kind of veggies they’ll be until you get them. 95 more words


HVAC Hacks: Energy-Saving Improvements You Can Make Yourself

HVAC=Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning–the system of ducts that brings hot and/or cold air to the rooms of a building. The advice here applies to systems that deliver only heat or only AC, as well as those that do both. 568 more words


Time doesn't exist

I’m writing this on August 27th. I ended up having a shockingly eventful summer, so I’m gonna backdate posts about what I can remember. Sorry for any temporal shenanigans that ensue. 906 more words

Friendship And Happiness

3 Super-Simple Homemade Frosting Recipes

I’ve seen many recipes for cake frosting that require separating eggs, using ingredients unfamiliar to many people (like cream of tartar), cooking for 7 minutes whisking constantly, using a double boiler, or some other complicated technique.  1,270 more words


3 minute moisturiser

Melbourne is in the middle of a cold snap at the moment. Icy winds, frosty mornings and lots of rain.  I feel for the poor souls that have to endure the elements, but I do love the nicer aspects of winter – central heating, cups of tea and slippers. 430 more words


That Time We Ate Million-year-old Dust

This is a story my cousin Tiffany recalled during a recent family gathering when my mom asked us what we remembered from the summer my parents were away a lot, leaving me and my brother and cousins to fend for ourselves.  1,275 more words


Make it do

Some may have described my grandparents as hoarders. Certainly my mother (their
daughter) did. They kept everything, threw away nothing – just in case it might come in handy one day. 291 more words