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Is thriftiness bad? Not at all , check how to spend carefully and lead a good lifestyle .

The word thriftiness has left a more pessimistic implication for a great many people than basically being a saver, a penny pincher or
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Student life in London: Getting your money to the UK

I’m starting a little series on some helpful hints/suggestions from my experience about getting through student life in the UK. Thought i would start with one of the most important ones – getting money from home to the UK. 268 more words

Bank Accounts

Thrifty hacks: The Mindset

From my experience saving money comes from a particular mindset which you need to develop. It’s about looking out for opportunities to change behaviours which will help you save and make money and being willing to do what it takes. 647 more words


Saturday shopping finds

Hello!! So yesterday I hadn’t planned to do anything but watch Eurovision…however around 2:30 I thought I’m bored why not see if mumma wants to go mooch round a few charity shops so that is exactly what we did!! 397 more words


The Dishwasher Ladybug

Many things in our home previously belonged to our relatives.  I claimed many books, dishes, pieces of furniture, and framed artwork from my grandparents’ homes after they died.  801 more words


Unashamedly frugal. Or how to counter the rising cost of living

Jersey’s cost of living is high, and food especially so. Hop to the U.K. and trawl round a mega-store, and you’ll be amazed at what you can get for your money. 1,047 more words

6 Ways to Unclog a Toilet without a Plunger or a Plumber [Infographic]

It happens to us all at some point: When we least expect it, our normally reliable toilet lets us down.

A few flushes and a poke with the toilet brush often will be enough to get things moving again, but when that isn’t enough, here are some great suggestions to tackle the problem easily with a few different methods–depending on the tools you have at hand. 98 more words