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The Look For Less: Wearing White After Labor Day

Labor Day is just around the corner, but that does not mean you should ditch your favorite white ensemble.

Many of us ignore the “no white after Labor Day” rule, but wearing white can still be intimidating. 471 more words


Back-to-School Supplies: Sometimes New Means New to You

My kids are finally heading off to school on Tuesday.  In our last-minute scramble to pick up school supplies we stopped by our some of our local DC Goodwill Retail Stores.   43 more words


Modeling in 90 Degrees

hello everyone!

so today I spent the day with Lucy doing all sorts of blog related things! Lucy has an awesome blog by the way which you should definitely check out… 295 more words

Guys, I finally found it!

My waist that is. Thanks to yoga and eating healthy — OK, OK, eating healthier — my waist sort of reappeared.

I also owe a huge shout out to this beautiful ’70s vintage skirt (pictured below) that I managed to unearth at a Milwaukee antique shop. 90 more words

Lauren Sigfusson

September Secondhand Challenge | Ethical Writers Co

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it…I’ve been known to make the occasional impulse buy.  This typically leads to buyers remorse, which is further compounded by the fact that I have yet another garment hanging in my closet that serves only to take up space and rarely gets to see the light of day. 962 more words


So Many Boxes

There are currently far too many boxes in my life.  Not to worry, though – they’ll all be gone by Monday because that’s when the box rental company is coming to pick them up.   692 more words


Darling, let's be explorers!

Usually when a girl turns 14, she has a long list of things she’d like to be gifted. This is especially true nowadays with the internet at our fingertips, feeding us objects to lust after. 563 more words