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Thrift Trip 1

I really find it hard to believe that it was my mom who actually sparked my interest for thrifting. Not surprisingly, my mother is an antique enthusiast. 592 more words


tis' the season for some fur

Thinking of adding some excitement to your wardrobe? Just because we must bundle up in this cold, dreary weather, doesn’t mean we can’t serve some looks. 167 more words


Zero Waste Gift Guide Pt. 1

While our holiday traditions may differ between religions, cultures, and countries, one common factor for most of us, is gift giving. Giving gifts can be stressful, expensive, and extremely wasteful. 798 more words


Thrift Store Crowns & More

It’s still easy to find Bihari budget label LPs in thrift stores. Here’s a few found in the last few days in Ventura, Oxnard & the SF Valley.   75 more words

Value Village Thrift Haul

Today I had planned to go on a hike, but Mother Nature changed the plans a bit. Instead, we spent a rainy afternoon searching through racks at Value Village’s 50% off sale. 147 more words


Wentworth Vintage

Alternatively titled, “My Friends Have Cooler Hobbies Than I Do.”

Enter my pal, Tyler Wentworth. He’s a professional social media whiz, master Spotify playlist curator, and as of late, a vintage collector. 417 more words


Wardrobe Basics - The Vest

One of my new favorite items of clothing is the vest. Before last year, I never even looked at them in the stores. But I’ve seen so many of them worn by my favorite Instagrammers and style bloggers that I started to pick them up for myself. 222 more words