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HOUSING WORKS THRIFT SHOP on Columbus Avenue is selling a beautiful collection of antique French country kitchen ware.………priced from $45 to $250.

I bought 5 pieces



Hey melody,Its Rocktober! and I have been listening to “The Struts” Could Have Been Me.Its an interesting song really and I definitely think you should give it a listen.I had a thought recently as to why I love shopping so much.Everyone loves a new item every now and then.When I was younger I especially loved the Christmas season which is very close to us now.The best part of it was that I would get a whole new outfit,head to toe! 354 more words


Back in the Swing of Things

I love this time of year. I thrive on routine, so having the structure of school is really great for me. BB started first grade last week, and BG started her first day of preschool today. 935 more words


One Little Word 2015: An Update

I’m reading a book that I’m having a hard time putting down.

Actually I’m reading two books I can’t put down because, a few months ago, I developed a habit of reading a non-fiction book during the day and a fiction book at bedtime. 659 more words


It Does a Body Good

I made jewelry this weekend! It’s been a few weeks, and it felt wonderful to create something with my hands.

I also did a little sewing this weekend. 684 more words


Stripe Me Out!

Well I’m back again with another skater dress that I totally loved.

I loved how snuggly it was on the waist and of course, black and white is always a winner. 184 more words

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DESIGN ON A DIME • Housing Works Thrift Shops

HOUSING WORKS THRIFT SHOPS are having a benefit this week-end to raise $$$ for people living with AIDS/HIV.  Famous interior designers have set up model rooms and… 59 more words