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Let's Talk Diapers!

There are so many different kinds, where do you start? To help make some sense of it all, I split this article into two main parts, “Brands” and “Prices”. 861 more words


Don't chuck that! ... Strawberries 

You know how it is, you go shopping, strawberries look nice, mmmm yeah – fancy them – you buy them. Then, you get home and … well, you don’t fancy them. 211 more words


Updating Mei Tais

I love thrifting. If you follow me for long enough, you’ll see that I thrift often, whether its a garage sale or a thrift store, it doesn’t matter, I like it just the same. 289 more words


Hangin' Out

It was our dear Dena’s birthday this past week and I wanted to give her a gift from the heart. It was nothing crazy expensive, but something meaningful that she could hang up. 134 more words


Typical Mediterranean Diet dinner

Last night we had a typical mediterranean style dinner. A vegetable soup, made with lentils, barley and split peas, boiled in a stock made with the leftover juices from a roast. 42 more words

Mediterranean Diet

Last week's Frugal Accomplishments

Wow, what a busy week it has been!

1. Fuelled up  the car at $1.18 a litre. I miss it when petrol was as low as $0.98! 153 more words


How to make a Quiet Book - Page 2: Apples on a Tree

I just love this idea! It’s the easiest one I’ve done so far. The apples can be “picked from the tree” and placed in the “basket”. 210 more words