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On Rhubarb

Me (while eating a stalk of rhubarb with sugar): “This is so tasty!

Emily: “….no, it’s not.”

Me: “Oh, c’mon. They ate it during the Gold Rush.” 7 more words


Putting up vegetables!

We have a friend that stops by once a week with vegetables, bread and buckets of different food items they get from some  food place. She has a large family of I think 12 children and it’s too much food for them, so she passes it along to us and we pass along to a cousin so it’s a LOT OF FOOD, that would other wise get tossed out… 406 more words

Morrison Bargains Today

Rather pleased with this little lot, but I did have to endure the Mad Trolley Lady being glued to my side. Today she really stank to high heaven, so I hid my face in my coat and tried to turn my head away from her and then the cheeky mare started waving her hand under her nose try to make out it was me that smelt!

Eating On A Pound

Get Pickling

Yes it’s that time of year again and if you don’t want to pay out for pickles this winter it’s time to start pickling your own. 72 more words

Eating On A Pound

Radio 4

I was tuned in to a programme the other day where loads of people where phoning in saying fresh food is cheap and foods high in fat were expensive….Sorry but I can’t remember which programme it was (probably womans hour or you and yours). 160 more words

Eating On A Pound

Freebie of the day Walkers Sunbites

If you go to   www.facebook.com/WalkersSunbites   you can wrestle with a granny (don’t ask, I can’t explain you’ll see what I mean on the site), then you can print off a voucher for a free bag of Sunbites in either sour cream and black pepper or sweet chilli flavour. 30 more words

Eating On A Pound

Morrisons Reducing times

A few people on my blog have asked me what times Morrisons reduce the food. I can only say for sure about my Morrisons which is open until 9pm Mon-Sat and 4pm Sun. 37 more words

Eating On A Pound