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another thrifty Thursday.

Many moons ago I took you all on a tour of my friend Meggan’s house.  I once said that I consider Meggan to be a master thrifter.  672 more words

Thrifty Thursday.

Home Made Christmas

There are times and seasons in life that require more from us than what we think we are capable of giving. When stresses pile up. When bills beckon. 804 more words


Waking up this morning, I instantly knew the weather was colder. Not just because my room had dropped a couple degrees, but the outside world had a certain look to it- I know I sound crazy. 417 more words


Thrifty Thursday!

So Thursday has arrived and that means its thrift day! Bringing you some of my weekly bargains! This week I decided to buy some new body jewellery and earrings. 120 more words


FIRE Travel - Driving On The Wrong Side

More than anything after returning from our vacation last month, everyone wanted to know what it was like to drive on the ‘wrong side’ of the road when we were in Great Britain. 1,213 more words

Early Retirement

The Torrington

My eyes have recently been opened to the wonder that is the luxury picnic basket.  

Did you know such a thing existed?

Neither did I, but I confess that I am now uncertain I can live without one. 120 more words


Dumpster Art

There is a great joy in curating your space.

Finding and investing in the perfect crystal vase. . .side table. . .accent lamp. . . 71 more words