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Thrifty Thursday, Take 1

The world revolves around fashion! Orange is the new black, black is the new pink, and pink is the new Elmo. Don’t ask, just nod and chuckle a little. 173 more words


Thrifty Thursday - Cash Saves Money (also Aldi)

I finally got to Aldi for grocery shopping! Yay! Mainly because I really wanted avocados, and my store was selling them for $1.50 each. Aldi had them on sale for $0.49. 250 more words


Thrifty Thursday - Sticking to a Budget?

So far it has been week 2 of shopping alone, and so far our grocery budget has stayed below $60 per week. I think that’s a pretty safe budget to shoot for from now on. 88 more words


Thrifty Thursday: Creating Costumes from the Thrift Store

I know, I know! I’ve done a Thrifty Thursday post about the thrift store before. However, I recently was put in the position to make 3 Star Wars costumes for my son, and I couldn’t have done it without my favorite thrift store. 837 more words

My Life

Thrifty Thursday - Solo Shopping Wins Again

My husband has decided he’d rather not go grocery shopping anymore, so it’s now left to me. That’s not a bad thing though, we definitely save a lot of money and stick closer to the list when I shop alone. 223 more words


Thrifty Hair

About once a year I go to a hairdresser when I decide that I deserve some pampering and when I am tired of doing my own hair. 197 more words

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday #1 // The Sea, The Sea

I’m super excited to share my very first Thrifty Thursday post! Thrifty Thursday is a meme run by Sal over at Motion Sick Lit (an excellent book blog – go check it out… 691 more words