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Thrifty Thursday - August 27

Yay my jury duty is over! We went in for like an hour this morning to make our decision and luckily we were all basically on the same page. 508 more words


Thrifty Thursday: Homemade Vegetable Broth

I became an avid nutrition label reader after going vegan, and even more so when I went oil-free. I was shocked to discover just how much oil is sneaked into the most unlikely of places! 445 more words


Thrifty Thursday: Savings Catcher App

A few months ago I wrote about Walmarts savings catcher app here.

Now I’d like to follow up with some information I’ve gathered since I started using it. 168 more words


Thrifty Thursday - 30 Rock

Welcome back! Welcome back, dear reader, And welcome back Meister, after my week and a half hiatus. It’s been pretty bad times. It was the end of the uni term so there was quite a lot of work today, and I got the worst test result that I’d ever gotten in my uni career. 97 more words

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday Week 3: Using Unexpected Materials to Make...

…doll socks! I was cleaning out a drawer in my bathroom and was halfway to the trash can with a handful of headbands I don’t like (they don’t stay on my head very well) when an idea struck me! 256 more words

Thrifty Thursday

National Thrift Store Day

So yesterday, August 17, was National Thrift Store Day! I celebrated by continuing my thrift store quests and hitting yet another thrift store in my area – the Salvation Army Store. 632 more words


Thrifty Thursday #15: Whirlwind of Thrift Stores

So you might notice from the title that I switched things up a bit. I am finding myself referencing back to Thrifty Thursday posts in some of my DIY step-by-steps and while I love coming up with creative titles, the hyperlinks get a little cumbersome. 967 more words