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Look Good-Feel Good.

I’ve been writing a lot about mental health recently, and while it is very important to me, I felt I needed  a break to talk about something vintage related because my blog is also about vintage related topics. 619 more words

And The Award Goes To...

If I hadn’t made a commitment to do ALL of these prompts, I probably would leave this one off for sure :-)  I am not even remotely a person that thinks about myself and certainly not in a celebratory way… 575 more words


Thrifty Tip No.1 - Getting the most out of tubes

Thrifty-minded readers will understand where I’m coming from here. Others might think this is a step too far.

When you’re nearing the end of using a tube of toothpaste or some sort of cream, there’s an easy way of extending its life a little bit longer – simply cut the top third (ish) off the tube, use what’s in the top and then use the top part as a lid. 64 more words


The Importance of Setting Goals

OK, so you’ve got some debt, or you are struggling to save money, maybe for a nice outfit or to break into the housing market. I cannot stress enough the importance of setting goals whatever your financial situation. 504 more words


Eat Your Weeds - Purslane

I’m not an expert forager. The only plants that grow in my area which I know are edible are pecans, dandelions, and purslane. Edible pecans are super rare in my experience thus far. 280 more words

Good Eats

Eating Smart 'Thrifty,Healthy,Simply'

I am keen on the environment, it was latent for many years but in the last 10 I have tried to be green and ethical in my life and I have made a few simple changes (no aerosols, hardly any food waste, nozzles on taps to reduce water usage, recycling, composting).   429 more words