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Thrift Shopping

Yes: I go to Goodwill. No: I don’t buy junky clothes that looks like they’ve been through the shredder. twice.

You just have to be willing to look when you’re thrift shopping. 103 more words


Thrifty Thursday - Prices Rising

I didn’t get to Aldi this week, sadly. I didn’t get to town to do laundry and Aldi is a good half hour away from us. 112 more words


10 Ways to Re-use Candle Jars

Instead of throwing away all of those great candle jars when you’ve finished with your candles, why not re-purpose them into a thoughtful gift or piece of home decor? 566 more words

Branded Value

Suddenly it gets tougher...

I’ve been mooching along on my austerity path, feeling pretty smug with myself. After all, it’s not been too difficult yet and the only exception to my ‘nothing more than is necessary rule’ has been rounding up to the nearest pound whenever I go to Pets At Home to get food for the pooch. 437 more words


Buying Second-hand Doesn't Make You Cheap

As I dive head first into this blog, I want to give you all the method behind my madness, so to speak. I am a Textile and Apparel Management student. 267 more words


Protesting Apartment Laundry Prices With Bathtub Laundry

Fueled by the rage caused by my apartment management raising the price of the washing machines in the communal laundry room, I recently decided to protest. 605 more words

On Being Alive

Something New

The best thing about charity shopping is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with new styles without breaking the bank. Wanting to try out something new fashion-wise is generally costly and at the end of the day, you might just find you didn’t like it all. 342 more words