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Top 10 Best thriller Movies of all time

Thriller movies are also known as suspense movies .The basic characterstics of these they are full of excitement and suspense and viewer can’t leave the seats until the end. 815 more words


THRILLER Best Scene Reading of SQUID JIGGERS by Judi Blaze

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama, Romance

Just when Monique is sure love is behind her, Trevor rearranges her world; a world complicated by Toad’s impending parole from prison. 81 more words

Thriller Movies

Review #12: “The Gift” (2015)

Okay, so, as my limited number of followers might be aware, I promised to start reviewing horror movies in May. Well, at the end of May, I finally got around to it. 988 more words

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Audience Feedback Video: SHELTERED, 9min, USA, Thriller/Mystery


SHELTERED, 9min, USA, Thriller/Mystery
Directed by Jake Gutwillig

A boy stuck in a storm shelter with his parents must question their reality, and find a way to leave to find the truth of the world outside. 101 more words

Audience Feedback Video: OLIVER'S LANDING, 7min, USA, Thriller/Drama

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO from the April 2017 Film Festival:

OLIVER’S LANDING, 7min, USA, Thriller/Drama
Directed by Eugenio Juarez

A Modern Sociopath forces five strangers to play a game for their lives in this thriller. 38 more words

Get to know the short film: SEEDS, 12min, UK, Thriller/Sci-FI

Film playing at the Best of EUROPEAN Cinema FEEDBACK Film Festival. Thursday May 18th. 7pm. Downtown Toronto. Get your FREE Tickets

A young female astronaut trains for the first expedition to Mars. 98 more words

Thriller Movies