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Short Story: A Nighttime Encounter

Her curiosity overwhelmed her and she climbed up close enough to his window to watch him. He was changing into his nightly attire when he accidentally bumped his head on his dresser. 104 more words

The Killer Inside (Detective Jessica Daniel #1) by Kerry Wilkinson @bookouture

Detective Sargent Jessica Daniel is called to investigate a murder, and she quickly notices that there are no signs of a forced entry – all of the doors and windows are locked when she arrives, and no keys are missing. 345 more words


Establishing Characters in Collateral

In addition to its smooth action sequences and diligent sense of pacing, Collateral (Michael Mann, 2004) excels in its establishment of its characters. This feat should not be discounted simply because the film centers around a small cast, as what is accomplishes is something that few films successfully and effectively manage to pull off. 788 more words


7 Series You Need to Check Out

I love a good series — diving in and getting to fly through multiple books in the same world, reveling in the sheer mass of story you have to conquer. 964 more words



The summer started like a hellion on crack.
No one was expecting it … no one was prepared. The mild spring weather had lulled the denizens of the Big Apple into thinking it would always be that way. 459 more words

Guest Post

After Anna by Alex Lake ~ Fiction Book Review

This book had such an interesting and fresh idea that I wonder if part of my disappointment with it is that there were endless, ENDLESS!!!!, possibilities, but it seemed to follow what was probably the most predictable route. 67 more words


The Gravel Road Prt. 2

I closed my journal, struck a match, lit the corner, and proceeded to toss it into the fireplace. I watched as the journal went up in flames quickly, even causing bright embers to spark outwards. 1,627 more words