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Bite Sized Nuggets of Fresh Fear

Someone once informed me anthologies of any kind are the toughest books to ever review as they are wrapped around a common theme with some stories going this way and other stories going that.   657 more words

Flickering Out and Paisely Thrills, plus the mix for 3-27-15

Continuing with last week’s theme of photo management, I think my time of actively being interested in flickr is drawing to a close. I bring it up because this has been a very slow week at work so I’ve been looking for amusements. 540 more words

Cory Funk

26 Cheap thrills everyone can enjoy

1. Matching underwear – just for you, because you’re a sassy, independent powerhouse.

2. A bottle of supermarket branded wine and a movie (£4.50 from Sainsbury’s, ta very much). 562 more words


...of porches, 'bothy' & bewildered...

One of many things uniquely Vancouver in summer, is a one block stretch of our ‘Robsonstrasse’ that becomes a pedestrian mall public art exhibit of sorts. 238 more words


I went to visit an old state the other day
Never expecting to extend my stay
But stayed until I thought my fascination quelled
And upon leaving the tears in my eyes swelled… 138 more words

Acceleration: Surviving Disney

I just spent the week at Disney World with the family. The place is a madhouse, with thousands of people waiting in line to experience a ride for less than a couple of minutes. 207 more words


Epiphany on Butt-Kicking!

Many years ago my precious little three-year-old came bursting in from pre-school with big news.  “Can you believe a three-year-old girl can beat up a four-year-old boy!” 17 more words