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Flickering Out and Paisely Thrills, plus the mix for 3-27-15

Continuing with last week’s theme of photo management, I think my time of actively being interested in flickr is drawing to a close. I bring it up because this has been a very slow week at work so I’ve been looking for amusements. 540 more words

Cory Funk

26 Cheap thrills everyone can enjoy

1. Matching underwear – just for you, because you’re a sassy, independent powerhouse.

2. A bottle of supermarket branded wine and a movie (£4.50 from Sainsbury’s, ta very much). 562 more words


...of porches, 'bothy' & bewildered...

One of many things uniquely Vancouver in summer, is a one block stretch of our ‘Robsonstrasse’ that becomes a pedestrian mall public art exhibit of sorts. 238 more words


I went to visit an old state the other day
Never expecting to extend my stay
But stayed until I thought my fascination quelled
And upon leaving the tears in my eyes swelled… 138 more words

Acceleration: Surviving Disney

I just spent the week at Disney World with the family. The place is a madhouse, with thousands of people waiting in line to experience a ride for less than a couple of minutes. 207 more words


Epiphany on Butt-Kicking!

Many years ago my precious little three-year-old came bursting in from pre-school with big news.  “Can you believe a three-year-old girl can beat up a four-year-old boy!” 17 more words


Small things are easy to overlook

Small things are easy to overlook

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”
― Andy Warhol

PODCast Black & White Photo Challenge Week #35

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