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Jay-Z versus Strangefruit: "99 Problems" (THRILLS & Lucid Remix)

Today marks the official 99th and 100th posting for this music blog, “The Song Monster.” What better way to present number 99 with a  great remix of Jay-Z by Australia’s… 16 more words



Adrenalin pumping, heart racing, an awkward giggle just to hide the nervous laughter that actually wants to escape. Breathing at a rapid pace trying to slowdown the excited butterflies that is creeping and fluttering inside what looks like a cool and calm exterior. 692 more words

Bug For Sale

Customized and ready to go. Last driver fell out.

(click it to see it)


Boston Mayor Thrill-seekers to Knock it Off

BOSTON, Mass. (WTNH) — Boston’s mayor is calling out would-be daredevils who see opportunity in the deep piles of snow which have overtaken the city: Diving out a window and into the snow is not as cool as you think it is and is certainly more dangerous. 139 more words


"The Frugal CD" is an autogynephile

He now (2015) considers himself to be a “transsexual” and is living full-time as a “woman.”  This is from a 2011 post when he still called himself a “cross-dresser.” 18 more words