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The Five Actions of Wellness

Okay, so I have been paying attention to what many wise folks have to say about what creates health. Studies on basically every form of major bad-health ju-ju; cancering, heart disease, diabetes, depression, etc., all point to the profound benefit of five things that are labeled “lifestyle choices.” 541 more words


No Matter What, Focus on Jesus

At the beginning of this year, I chose one word to direct my course for the following twelve months. I selected the word after a lot of prayer, contemplation, and, to be honest, with great resistance. 705 more words


Still Thriving!

One of my besties has baby #3, a girl named Laura, on May 18, 2016! So excited for them!!! Their oldest is a boy, Michael … I want to say he’ll be 4 in the fall. 316 more words

Smuzzle Stick!

Most of us are afflicted — at least somewhat — with amassitude, anothery and an acute strain of likewiseness.

Last night, for a snack, I took seconds and thirds and a small fourth on some yummy Frosted Mini-Wheats. 380 more words

Randy Hasper

Welcome to where you are meant to be.

So, the big OKC Local (huge Thrive conference)was a few nights ago and it was really informative. I learned more about this company called Le-Vel and the people in it, not to mention what I learned about the CEO, Paul Gravette. 479 more words


What is Thrive?

Not all my posts are going to be product related I promise!! But there are a few things I want to get out there so that’s the reason for this post. 297 more words

Thriving Generosity Family Devotion

Hey Ridge Family,

Don’t forget to sit down with your family this week for your Thrive Devotion!  Pick up a printed version at any location on Sunday or use this online version.   336 more words