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Thriving for my life!

Ok, I’m doing something that is NOT like me.  So, forgive me for being “One of those people” for a post!

I have an 8 year old, a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old running around my house.  501 more words

Mark 13 | July 4

Kid Focus: Mark 13:24-27

Some parts of God’s Word are more difficult to read than others. Mark 13 is an example of a place that proves that point. 121 more words


Rainbow People Drawing

Illustration of Rainbow People

We’re all different – Acceptance is a good starting point

Sketch of a community of happy people, Drawing free to use under CreativeCommon License… 25 more words



By Kelly Calagna, Managing Editor
Paleo, raw, volumetrics, macrobiotics, the list of today’s fad eating habits goes on and on. Trending right now especially are juice bars—at least in Los Angeles it seems as though there is now one on every corner.  296 more words

Mark 12 | July 3

Kid Focus: Mark 12:1-12

Jesus speaks boldly in this chapter.

Surrounded by multitudes gathered in Jerusalem for Passover, Jesus is telling truth without hesitation. His words are controversial and confrontational, but He knows that and preaches on. 115 more words


MR90DF: Day 25

November 7, 2014: Getting an Education

We got an appointment with the Chancellor of SUNO (Southern University of New Orleans) to discuss Efrem’s enrollment so that he could finally finish the degree he started back in SA. 684 more words


Mark 11 | July 2

Kid Focus: Mark 11:15-19

I am reminded as I read Mark 11 that Jesus is perfect. His life and mission were not easy, and as He entered Jerusalem and prepared to surrender His life, He could so easily have given into temptation. 120 more words