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Man Crush Monday: Beyond Plastic.

By Star Noor, Features Editor

If ever there was a plastic surgeon in tune with the needs and wants of his patients, it is Beverly Hills Doctor, … 423 more words



It’s an unspoken taboo to cry or display any vulnerability at work. If we as women and professionals want to be seen as competent or powerful, we can’t afford to show a trace of weakness or risk being seen as “too female” and “not capable” to handle a fast-paced work environment. 483 more words



Up 3.6 pounds in 29 days. Wrong direction. Holidays are OVER! And to be perfectly honest, I stayed on “holiday mode” for about 2 1/2 weeks in August when I wasn’t on holidays! 445 more words

Do Pastors try to hard to get people to attend or be a part Church?

Ok, its late. I’m normally not up this late. So, I know I really messed up my ‘to’s’ in the subject line. To be honest with you, I always mess them up! 765 more words

Church Leadership

Over a month ...

This summer is turning out to be one of the top summers for me!

I started out the summer by taking my first solo outside-of-Canada vacation to Las Vegas. 543 more words


“In the front room her chair is now by the door,”  said Marilyn. “That big wood piece is at an angle in the corner. It is so much better!” 509 more words

Randy Hasper

Such Sweet Mistakes

Sweet Mistakes, Such Sweet Mistakes.

As a divorced dad, there’s people who ask what I’d do different if I could do it over.  They suggest that having married my kids’ mom was a mistake.  207 more words