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How I know that I am recovering....

On Saturday my husband was feeling unwell. I had been out for the afternoon and returned to find him suffering with a headache, nausea and his hands were shaking. 521 more words


Chilling Testimony From U.S. Air Force Drone Operator On His First Kill

Former Air Force pilot Brandon Bryan is one of the first ever United States drone operators to speak out against what has been happening overseas for a number of years now, which is the murder of countless innocent lives. 439 more words



“Human speech is a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms… while we long to make music that will melt the stars.” – G. Flaubert… 42 more words


Modern Education--Lol Pretty funny

Modern Educayshun is a short film by Neel Kolhatkar. It targets the bizarre and extreme form of liberalism that is ruining schools and universities. In previous years young minds were figuring out how to get to the moon. 39 more words


We do accept pre-orders for Black Friday

One way you can make sure you get everything you want is to set your cart before hand then hit the order button at 12:01 am. 76 more words


God's Mathematical Design Of The Universe--The Fibonacci Sequence

It makes absolutely no sense to me why we are not teaching this kind of stuff in school but it’s just the way it is, right? 272 more words


More Love--Ethiopian Skateboard Journey

Skateboarding in ‪‎Ethiopia might be taking off thanks to the work of Israel Dejene, who runs Megabi skate to help teach courage and confidence to kids in Addis Ababa.