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Remember to Thrive - The first 4 weeks

Over the last 4 weeks I’ve written close to 20 blog posts. I usually smile at the end of writing a blog post as I find myself lifted up through the experience of writing. 368 more words


Remember, you are perfect

Being perfect might hard to do! But who knows what perfect actually means and who is holding up the measuring stick?

Lets say there is a higher power that comes and evaluates every second of my life. 316 more words


THRIVE: A Solution For Anxiety?

It’s no secret that I suffer with Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder. I’ve tried a cocktail of prescription medicines, CBT, self-help books, herbal remedies and more recently, meditation. 796 more words

Reacting vs. responding: Overcoming legacy of abuse and narcissism

Reacting versus responding – what’s the difference you ask? Turns out there is a fair bit. Once the distinction is understood, and awareness is built of when you are falling prey to reacting, shifting to a ‘responding’ mindset will prove a powerful step in your journey recovering from narcissistic abuse, and/or codependency. 1,420 more words


ADHD Superpower 1: Propensity to Thrive in Chaos

.I had recently picked up two international students from India- fellow MBAs who would become my roommates and friends. Shweta and Anish had both spent only a few days in Calgary so far, and I wanted to introduce them to friends, and give them a taste of a city I appreciate calling home. 938 more words

Wednesday Wellness: Passion

Heaven forbid I write about social media being beneficial for our well-being, but alas, here I go…

In the haze of Facebook”thankful” posts in preparation of the Thanksgiving holiday, one post stuck out to me this week. 308 more words


pts(d) can be useful ...

When I’m at home by myself, I lock all the doors, sometimes the windows; depending on where I am in the house. When I go through a door, I close it behind Me; with the back and front doors, I lock them behind Me. 522 more words