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Time strode with the swiftness of spring blossoms. ~Terri Guillemets

Not even two snow storms could stop the Asian Pear tree from blooming and thriving!  :)

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Motherhood: Thriving During the Newborn Weeks.

My youngest will be three months old this week and I can’t believe how quickly the newborn phase has passed! When my first child was born, this phase seemed endless; a blur of doctor’s appointments, outings I felt ill-prepared for, visits with friends and family, and feeble attempts to take care of cooking and housekeeping… all while recovering from pre-eclampsia and getting by on a few meager hours of sleep. 1,201 more words

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The Law of the Minimum

There is an often forgotten rule in gardening which in turn can be applied to life in general. As so often one man made it popular, and it’s by his name Liebig that we know it; but it was a botanist who saw the wisdom and his name was Karl Sprengel. 689 more words


Best Friends vs. Boyfriends: BFFs Part 1

They’ll always be there – rain or shine, and everything in between. It is a rare gift to have someone in your corner who knows you better than you know yourself, who delicately balances listening in love with advising in truth, who will adventure with you to the ends of the earth, who will dance with you in the rain and at every house party you’ve ever hosted and takes you in as family when your own isn’t around. 723 more words


Lesson 6- How Do You Eat An Elephant?

I just ate the elephant! Actually, still digesting, but you know the place where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train? 1,270 more words

Autoimmune Disease

on improvement

Hôm nay đọc bài phỏng vấn của WINNER (FYI những ai không biết nhóm này, thì Winner là boyband thuộc YGEntertaiment). Đại ý bài phỏng vấn là mỗi bài hát của nhóm đều là thử nghiệm mới, thể loại nhạc mới, phong cách mới. 148 more words

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Surviving and Thriving

There is a new tension between two realities that I have been coming to terms with over the last few years.

A new and different perspective regarding walking with my sisters in Christ.   1,726 more words

Quail Egg Recipes