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How to Chicago: The Dap

47. White men, allow me to hip you up a bit. Learn a dap. A dap is a series of rhythmic hand slaps, bumps and or clasps exchanged between two people as a greeting. 158 more words


Giving myself credit

There are people who I believed would be there during the dark times, the hard times. People, I never thought for a second would remain silent during my pain or cry out for help. 376 more words

Being alive and thriving!

I have been on this path of self-improvement and figuring out how can I really thrive in this life. It is not like my life is horrible. 455 more words


How to Chicago: Snoring

46. Snoring. If anyone has ever told you that you snore, just know that person has very carefully weighed the pros and cons of letting you live. 207 more words


Wear Your Years With Pride

Yesterday a One Hundredth birthday celebration made the day just that much happier. Whatever you may be celebrating today, Happy Sunday. And if you happen to be celebrating a birthday…Happy Birthday!

Opportunity Knocks

Ask not for whom opportunity knocks;
It knocks for thee
And, you and me,
We’d be fools to ignore it,
Waiting because it’s,
“Just not the right time.” 145 more words


Business Start-ups Sector ‘Thriving’

There were apparently 365,600 private sector businesses (registered & unregistered) operating in Scotland as at March 2017, which is an increase of over 50% since 2000. 9 more words