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the opposite of survival

I still remind myself often of the stark, manifest differences between my life without my abusive ex-boyfriend and my life with him. The strain so overwhelming I had to numb myself against it. 1,468 more words


Holding Hands

My mother and I held hands whenever we were together. Dad was stationed on Okinawa my senior year in high school. One of my most vivid memories is of Mom and I walking down a street in the village just outside the base. 580 more words


Happy or Resilient?

Would you rather be resilient or happy?

I have a friend who is researching resiliency as part of her Ph. D program. In a world with more changes and challenges, it seems important to develop resiliency for both individuals and communities. 545 more words



Whatever has been weighing you down and draining you, release it. Let go of those things/people that keep your life in constant stress. You deserve a life of freedom, not bondage. 104 more words

Change is hard

A common misconception when it comes to dealing with health or medical issues is that if there is a problem, there is also a drug to fix it. 852 more words

Health Care

He Wept With Me In My Garden

As a Life Coach and someone who enjoys learning and growing, there are sometimes areas where it seems there has been resolve and closure.  That is, until I approach at a new level of intensity, and find out there is still an exposed wound.   546 more words

Desire To Thrive

The Zesty Life

Just as there are areas in the ocean where there were once vibrant thriving corals but are now dead zones due to overuse and abuse, so we use to have vibrant thriving heart joy and flaring passion for life that has lost its pulse. 56 more words

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