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What then, is the ecology of a thriving community? Artscape, a leader in cultural community development for the last twenty-seven years, explains a community’s ecology from a cultural perspective in this way: 258 more words


Thriving Versus Successful

After looking at a few examples of communities it is noticeable that thriving communities have certain identifiable characteristics. However, to more fully understand the characteristics it is important to return to definitions to note the difference of two words, thriving and successful. 340 more words


A Ladder Worth Climbing

In season one of the television show, The Office, one of the characters says to another, “It’s better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than halfway up one you don’t.” 475 more words

Positive Psychology

Find your humanity

A lot of conversations i’ve been apart of recently have been about racism, hate, judgements, and where I stand in it all. I hope you read this with an open mind. 425 more words

It’s Not About the Job

Taking a job for the cash is not as important as taking a job for the joy.

~ Simon Sinek

In the beginning of my… 347 more words


Raise Your Drawbridge and Find Someone in Your Life

Do you have Someone?

When you have the worst sorts of days, the car breaks down on the way to the track meet, the kids are all screaming, the bills are due, sleep is nowhere to be found … 788 more words