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In Awe of Adventure: Exploring, Thriving, Living

The connotation of “adventure” varies from person to person. Some of us define it as a vacation, some of us associate it with nature, and most of us have specific memories that attribute to our personal definitions. 469 more words


5 essential brand-new & upcoming Books on Positive Psychology

Are you eager to get some fresh perspectives on Positive Psychology? Here you go…

Recently published books on Positive Psychology

Michelle Gielan: Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change. 458 more words

Positive Psychology Insights


To eyes that ‘see’ it will not matter what clothes you wear or what job title you brandish. These eyes ‘see’ through the hairstyle and makeup, and ridiculous posturing that keeps you safe in mainstream society, and they understand the earnestness with which you play the game, to reach the top where the money, prestige, and power can by you room for your true identity to step out of the shadow of your facsimile and thrive. 507 more words


Dare I write a post about this topic?

My good blogger friend Grace to Survive just wrote about this topic Childhood Losses Due To Abuse… 325 more words

Abuse Symptoms

Living Within Institutions

When I got up this morning, I went outside. It was still dark. Venus glowed in the east. It was cool; the sky was blue-black, with a slight lightening in the east where the earth turned toward the sun. 583 more words

Randy Hasper

Book Review - "Thresholds" by Sherre Hirsch

I read a quote the other day that I felt was very appropriate to where I am at in my Career right now.

“We operate in one of three zones – our comfort zone, our panic zone, or our stretch zone. 277 more words


Thriving: why you won't hear the 'f' word in our house

No, not that ‘f’ word. I mean ‘fat’.

Other vocabulary that I want my daughters to wait as long as possible to learn, and even then they won’t come from me, are ‘diet’, ‘lose weight’ or any of the other words that are far more common than the ones I can’t wait to teach them: ‘health’, ‘strength’, ‘kindness’. 324 more words