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If you don’t like where your life is headed: live like you’ve already arrived

Although we manifest the fruition of our thoughts—whether negative or positive (see “Dress for success”)—and we control the “more” we wish to attract into our lives (see “ 152 more words


Science of Thriving

My counselor told me early on that his goal for me was to not just survive but to thrive.  Rah Rah Great….The next week I came back and asked, “What is thriving?”  At first he seemed to think I was jerking his chain then he realized I didn’t know what he meant, for real.  245 more words


How to Chicago: Sporting Events

38. Thrive: We are nearing that time of year. The sports equinox occurs when the MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA are all underway. Watching pro sports in person is invariably better with more details. 143 more words


Hangover Chronicles: III

This was a weekend of spontaneity. Thursday night, my best friend and I decided to road trip to Gainesville, Fl first thing Friday morning. One of my other best friends & sister go to school there, so we had plenty of places to stay so last minute. 581 more words


Switching off the inner critic

Who would narrate your life, if a Morgan Freeman style voice over was available? Would it be David Attenbrough, full of wonder and astonishment? Would it be closer to… 1,099 more words

Self Help

To Remember

Read through the early books of the Bible and take note of every time God commands Israel to remember what he has done for it: he even goes so far as to establish holidays, laws, and physical markers to help His people remember what the Lord has done and how he provided for and protected his nation. 1,643 more words

the reality of this moment

Yesterday I had one of those days that chews you up and spits you out. I got all caught up in multitasking on a bunch of complex and somewhat frustrating projects at work, as well as reading the news, as well as trying to get everything ready for my upcoming vacation. 833 more words