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How Precious is Time to You?

Do you spend it wisely on those you love, including yourself or do you measure it out it in meager doses? Do you squander time on meaningless things and find you don’t have enough time leftover to do what needs to get done or enjoy the quiet times? 374 more words


You Don’t Have to Jump Out of an Airplane to be Fearless

“I used to be fearless,” I answered when my husband asked what’s wrong as I was sitting on the edge of the bed crying, sniffling, tears pouring down my face. 551 more words


The Thriving Quotient

Instead of focusing on what students lack, higher education should build on what they do well. Laurie Schreiner introduces an assessment tool that measures the complex factors that affect student success and makes practical suggestions for improving students’ college experience.

Thriving Quotient from About Campus


Save The Future

Gillian hit the ball with her father’s arms wrapped around her. Then she ran with his legs. Then she bounced in his arms, and then she ambulated according to his eyes. 331 more words

Randy Hasper

New beginnings.

New beginnings. Fate. Destiny. And back again.

New beginnings. Full of fright. Hope. Trepidation. Exaltation. Panic. And back again.

New beginnings. Lost footing. Found fortune. 50 more words


Road Trip! or Exhausting Yourself Getting Somewhere so you Don't Have the Energy to BE There.

I just celebrated a milestone birthday and I embraced it like a child. I had three birthday cakes, a birthday pie, and a birthday helmet full of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. 1,918 more words


Weeding 101

This blog comes to you straight from my backyard garden. I even delayed showering in order for you to feel my pain. Sweat is pouring down my brow, my t-shirt is drenched all the way through and my jeans are stuck to my legs. 711 more words

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