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Living, Working & THRIVING With Vitamin Deficiencies

For anyone that has, or is starting a business from the ground up, can tell you it takes a lot of hard work, determination and stamina to succeed. 498 more words


Are you successful?

By David Joel Miller.

What is success and how would you know if you were successful?

Success is a slippery thing to catch hold of. 1,439 more words

Happy Life

Strong or cheerful?

A while back I put the following question onto my Facebook  page: Which is it better to be – strong or cheerful?

Interestingly, the answers I got fell both ways with some saying strong was better and others declaring cheerful as being most beneficial. 262 more words


The Perils of Comfort

This title might not make much sense to some of you, as you might relate comfort with a warm and safe cuddly place or feeling. But comfort is to my view one of the most dangerous things to get, well, comfortable with. 449 more words


I'm Coming Home

I recently purchased an auctioned CD and casette player. For a very cheap price, a group of really good friends sold me this box that’s nothing-short-of-a-miracle. 561 more words


From Surviving to Thriving

Outside old wood steps that led to the apartment sat unobtrusive, suggesting a path to pursue, yet unpromising in supporting the walk to the door with splintered wood and remnants of paint that must have peeled away years before we sat on them. 615 more words

Setting a course for happiness

I’ve been a bit busy since my return from Granada and not had much time for personal blogging. However, I have been busy writing for my clients and just written this… 111 more words

Personal Development