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Though it be little...

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful ( ;) ) blogger whose blogging was brought to a standstill by the various obstacles thrown by life… lol. 1,020 more words

Through The Looking Glass

Birthing of a Troubled Mind

“You’re empty, useless boy.”

“You don’t have a brain.”

“You are going to suffer if you leave this place.”

“Stupid boy.”

“If one wants to live with an animal let him just know he’s living with one” 1,119 more words

Through The Looking Glass

When Truth Remains...

Over three years ago, following the Boston Marathon attack that killed and injured our fellow citizens, I shared the following blog with you, my friends here in cyber-space. 823 more words

Ron Phillips

Disney Animated Canon: 'Alice In Wonderland'

Walt Disney was a man who never truly gave up on an idea once it came to him. He would simply shelve the thought until he could give it life in a meaningful way. 975 more words


Look Right Through Me

    Have you ever had the experience of not being noticed? You go everyday to class, and still, no one doesn’t even realize you’re there. You are non-existent, not seen. 96 more words

    Through The Looking-glass


    People are so fake. Every single one of them is only interested in themselves and the things that may benefit them. All of this people are stagnated in time. 90 more words

    Through The Looking-glass

    The Flower that Blossoms in Hell

    I just love the rain. The sound from the drops in the window, the smell of earth. Like if it cleaned the whole air. It was like the world was new again. 106 more words

    Through The Looking-glass