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Through the Looking Glass: Science vs. Romance

Surprise! This is going to be another musical blogpost. I have had this song stuck in my head for 2 weeks straight and it’s been giving me lots of things that I think I want to talk about. 876 more words



I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago and something about it is still bugging me. The person who I interviewed with said he was impressed with my credentials, liked work I had done in the past and thought I was very smart. 238 more words

A New Adventure Begins

Through the Looking Glass: A Storytelling Girl

So as I’ve previously mentioned, I like to tell stories, whether from real life or from things I’ve found in some research. It’s probably one of the main ways I communicate in face-to-face conversation. 452 more words


Away with the fairies?: Living in Fairyland

So I spend a lot of time thinking about fairies, as you may have noticed from my changelings post (and the name of this blog). And, as anyone who’s ever read half a paragraph on folklore will happily tell you, the Cicely Mary Barker fairies that dominate my room even to this day are adorable but far from the historical norm. 361 more words


Through the looking glass: An autistic perspective on ABA Therapy

So I offered in my post on changelings and autistic history to write about a particularly controversial issue in the autistic community: the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy on autistic individuals, particularly children and toddlers. 1,182 more words


Through the looking-glass: An introduction to autism and me

“For me, the key significance of the Autism Spectrum lies in its call for and anticipation of a politics of neurological diversity, or ‘neurodiversity… The rise of neurodiversity takes postmodern fragmentation one step further. 479 more words


Through The Looking Glass // Angels and Ravens

Hey, Alice here. Remember me?? I know I’ve been most painfully absent on the blog for the past month, so to make up for it, I’m doing a recap-ish post. 1,180 more words