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Body Image

Let’s talk about it.

I am a person who HATES their body.  I don’t like my body at all.  Though my body has evolved over the course of time.   232 more words

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Drizzle-matted canvas of glass,
static layers of form assimilating harmony–
Alice, sublimely mute, matches gravity
to prayer in refining the lost art of sadness.
John Biscello


Let’s talk about it.

I have wanted to commit suicide 2 times in the past 3 days.

Here is why:

Someone said something along the lines that I was treating one kid better than the other. 212 more words

There are highs and there are lows...

Last night was hard for me.

I felt so alone and cried so hard on the inside.  Why do I keep feeling lonely even though I am surrounded by so much love? 282 more words

Inner Thinking...

So this week for me has been a busy and crazy week.  I often think, am I filling up my week with things that are uplifting me or just trying to fill the “lonely” gap?   259 more words

The Journey

I decided to start a blog because I had a friend who suggested it.  I have been struggling with demons in my life for quite sometime now.   334 more words

White Queen Utter Absurdity: Makes Perfect Sense

Alice in Australia-land

In ‘Through The Looking Glass’ the White Queen tells Alice that she sometimes ‘believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’ 415 more words

Gillian Triggs