C'est la vie, la vie which goes on.

I want my life to be like a movie. I want my life to be like a story. I want it to roll along with intrigue and interest, with challenges and successes, and I don’t want to have to be the one to push it. 541 more words

When the Going Gets Rough: DJ Khaled Quotes for a Mid-Semester Slump

If you’re like any other college student in the universe, by the middle of the semester you are feeling a bit burnt out– you’re tired of assignments, you’re tired of that 8:00am alarm so you can get to your 8:45, you’re tired of studying. 638 more words

MyStory Happenings

Chess Pawns Costume Design

Happy Halloween!

I had a bunch of plans I of things wanted to have ready for Halloween:

  • Costumes for Corinne, Clover, and Matricaria
  • A photospace with Halloween props…
  • 206 more words

8 Lessons From Res Life As Told Through Song

With the Residential Life Resident Assistant Application closing soon I often get asked by residents, friends, and those just curious, what is it really like to be a Resident Assistant (RA) for UAlbany? 864 more words

MyStory Happenings

Menyusuli Alice yang Menembus Dinding Kaca

Bagi saya, selain menenggelamkan diri dalam buku, masuk ke dalam dunia film juga merupakan aktivitas yang ampuh untuk memperbaiki suasana hati. Pertama, saya akan benar-benar keluar dari dunia yang sekarang sedang saya huni dan alami untuk kemudian menjelajahi dunia lain yang ada di alam imajiner. 551 more words


Blinded by the Light

Frank Glass hadn’t been to a yoga studio since before spring broke, preferring to practice at home, and riding his bicycle on sunny days. There aren’t many of them, sunny days, in Cleveland, Ohio, on the south shore of Lake Erie, the six months of fall and winter. 2,080 more words

Ed Staskus

When I kill my wife’s love for me then the Ice Age will return

When I kill my wife’s love for me, then the Ice Age will return, and I will have the rest of life to repent for it and wonder at my actions. 10 more words