He contemplated her expression over his beer and glanced around the crowded bar, searching for a better explanation to make her understand.

“Once they read my letter, see the picture of my family….the life they’ve destroyed. 63 more words

Through The Looking Glass

The Dance

Music affords us the opportunity to disconnect and become part of the energy around us. It grants our mind a freedom when our bodies are held captive. 103 more words

Through The Looking Glass

Body Image

Let’s talk about it.

I am a person who HATES their body.  I don’t like my body at all.  Though my body has evolved over the course of time.   232 more words

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Drizzle-matted canvas of glass,
static layers of form assimilating harmony–
Alice, sublimely mute, matches gravity
to prayer in refining the lost art of sadness.
John Biscello


Let’s talk about it.

I have wanted to commit suicide 2 times in the past 3 days.

Here is why:

Someone said something along the lines that I was treating one kid better than the other. 212 more words

There are highs and there are lows...

Last night was hard for me.

I felt so alone and cried so hard on the inside.  Why do I keep feeling lonely even though I am surrounded by so much love? 282 more words

Inner Thinking...

So this week for me has been a busy and crazy week.  I often think, am I filling up my week with things that are uplifting me or just trying to fill the “lonely” gap?   259 more words