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Timeline/World: Through the Looking Glass – Breathing and Being
Characters: Moon aka Dawa
Race: Elemental – Moon
Age: 39, physically about 22
Final Word Count: 572 more words

Daily Prompts

Step Right Up!

Chapter Seven

The Cheshire Cat’s Smile

These new rides were slowly chiseling away at something inside me—peeling at something more than my skin. I had to try to keep my wits about me. 2,520 more words

Short Stories

Out of Nameless Nothingness

Reflections from the children’s literature of Lewis Carroll and George MacDonald

“Why, there’s hardly enough of me left to make one respectable person!”

-Alice, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland…

1,351 more words
Inklings & Oxford

The Scent of Flowers💮🌺

I picked myself wearily from the sitting room couch, moving like a broken puppet controlled by childish hands as I made my way into the kitchen. 1,123 more words



I’ve started blogs before, Zen wisdom blogs, an essay/poetry blog, a blog about death and dying, always with the intention of following through. Otto Rank said that the will is the bridge between intention and action. 440 more words

J.K. Rowling Taunts Trump With A 'Disgusting' Rewrite Of His Latest Twitter Rant

“Harry Potter” author mocks the president’s “fake news” claims by tweaking his tweet.

bY ED MAZZA, HuffPost// Author J.K. Rowling took a new swipe at President  223 more words


Marriage, Suicide & Third Trimester

It’s been a while but I need to get this out.

Recently, my husband decided he would take a job 3500 miles away and leave me 30 weeks pregnant with our fourth child and our three kids.   707 more words