Alice Knows

I cleared the writing table and did a little card craft today.  Alice inspired me.

Mad tea party anyone?  Heck, yeah!  It’s FRIDAY!  ~TH~

Weirdo Things I Do

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are, above all, concerned with the problem of meaning. A seven year old girl tumbles underground through a rabbit hole where she meets querulous creatures who deploy nit-picking logic and idle philosophical banter; she runs a race, fails to drink tea, is danced in a qaudrille, plays croquet, gives evidence in court and negotiates a fiendish chess game (where the living pieces are ignorant of the game’s plan). 844 more words


The Jabberwocky Play (Or, Tragedy of Ambition)

The prelude of the one act play opens at a fairground ride in Shrewsbury: the Ferris Wheel. A solo clarinet is heard sotto voce as local boy Carl Oriswell sits in his pod eating mixed-green salad with gnocchi and a wild mushroom salsa. 824 more words



Due to not being quite prepared for spring break, I took an unexpected blogcation. Sorry. But we had fun playing in Orlando without forking out the money for a Disney park ticket. 309 more words


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by: Lewis Carroll

Genre: Children’s – Fantasy

Description: One golden afternoon, Alice is drifting to sleep in the meadow when she sees a curious sight. A white rabbit with a waistcoat and a wristwatch scurries by. 423 more words


Judging A Book By Its Cover: Alice in Wonderland (VII)

This is my weekly post where I choose to appreciate a book for its cover art or overall design – to me, a well designed book is like a piece of art. 150 more words

Judging A Book

Through The Looking-Glass review

Title: Through The Looking-Glass
Author: Lewis Carroll
Series: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland
Rating: 4 stars

^^(My copy had both Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland  185 more words