Travels With Voss - How Marketing Utilizes the Divine to sell the Mundane

YouTube LARPS involve the utilization of the most cynical methods methods imaginable by cross-platform marketers  to emotionally engage the viewer while distancing them increasingly from reality. 311 more words


Through the looking-glass: Part of Your World

Did any of you really think you’d get away with only one musical blogpost? Thought not! My last blogpost on mermaids throughout history and Melusinian narratives… 1,243 more words


Interactive Artworks

Pool of Fingerprints
By Euclid Masahiko Sati, Takashi Kiriyama, 2010

In Pool of Fingerprints, users are invited to scan their own fingerprint into the piece. 345 more words



Life here in Szolnok gives me lots to ponder. For example, I pass by the word gépkölcsönző and ask myself, what could that mean? I look it up and find out that it means “tool rental shop”–a place to remember, as I might need a drill one day. 333 more words

Through the Looking Glass for TBT

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Curiouser and curiouser” Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking Glass

Through the looking glass
Life will quickly pass
Surfaces reflecting light
What a visual display in sight… 21 more words


Venetian Glass

shimmering mirror
marriage of water and light
engendering glass
reflects a colourful past
boats, masks and clouds of balloons

Kim M. Russell, 2018

My response to… 8 more words

Dverse Poets Pub

ask alice


if her smile’s gone all slant
-like, or cheshire or shrink me-mad
or silent. if the violence of the fall
…..was worth it all, 56 more words

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