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Montpelier,Stokes & St Pauls Explore - BRISTOL - 7/12/17

Explore around Montepelier, Stokes and St. Pauls to try find some new graff plus document some that have been about for a while. Every side street seems to warrant some new throw up or piece and so the explore really yielded a lot of photos. 57 more words



Quick dash around central London the light died, unfortunately couldn’t help but capture a few poorly lit/blurry photos, especially near the end. However managed to capture some nice pieces/throw ups. 76 more words


@NEAR ASHTON GATE - 12/11/17

Some absolute beauties of pieces from both Amy and Cheo on the way to Ashton Gate. Cheo has to be one of the best painters I’ve seen in and around Bristol – no surprise he was such a feature at this years Upfest. 97 more words


@NEAR JAMAICA STREET - Bristol 14/11/17

Some old but gold pieces up and around Stokes. Mix of some lovely wildstyle to complex bubble writing. ACAB’s (all colours are beautiful) tag is a new one i’ve seen around the bear pit a fair bit. 9 more words


Garth Brooks wins entertainer of year at CMA Awards

Garth Brooks continued his winning streak as entertainer of the year at the 2017 Country Music Association Awards, beating out Luke Bryan and Keith Urban. 694 more words



Ah Stokes Croft, the holy grail of graffiti, the Kreuzburg of Bristol and the home to some of Bristol’s finest pieces.

No self-respecting graffiti lover could possibly ignore the effect of Stokes Croft on graffiti culture in Bristol. 41 more words


@NEAR ASHTON GATE - BRISTOL 31st January-28th September 2017

At a wall in Bristol I like to call the ‘everchanging wall.’ Every fortnight the wall changes with some impressive pieces each time. For a wall that can fit only about 2-3 pieces on the front and back, it’s amazing to see how much it gets used.  29 more words