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May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015

As members of the
throwaway society,
we quicken the sickness ..


© 2015 Martin Graham King

Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter

You may have thought you won
But I am golden, golden, golden

So golden

Though spun from straws of hay

Boys did not know my riches… 53 more words


All day yesterday I was feeling real crummy. So crummy that I had to cancel my black light mini golf date! It really sucked. However, the time I spent being a slug at home was out to good use. 94 more words

A Throwaway Comment (The Huffington Post)

Yesterday me, Squidge and the Northern One went to visit some friends in London. It was a lovely, sunny day so we all decided to go out for a long walk to the park and then along the river front to make the most of the sunny weather. 796 more words

Mental Health

In Due Time 

In due time…

It’ll be due time,

and though I never wished for her to be due,

time did a number on me and went a few steps forward. 169 more words


Watching clocks
seems to be
all we do
watch and wait
and fill our time –
OUR time –
our sweet, precious
time – 49 more words


Learning to Copy Birds

Have been going through a personal hell past few months and that’s why have not been painting. Finally got an idea which made sense to me. 36 more words