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Another small step - this time an earphone 

Couple of months back I flew with KLM and was highly disappointed by the amount of one-use plastic items. On that airplane model, I also needed to ask for the throw-away earphones because of the outdated plug that the aircraft uses. 98 more words


How To Protect Email From Spams By Using Temporary Email Address

Many people are using a couple of Email ID’s nowadays to protect their main Email address from spams or maybe for different reasons. But still a majority of us simple souls uses one Email ID and quite often are reluctant to use it in many places. 126 more words

Kernel Ketchup

The Things We Throw Away

I picked up a laptop case today, leaning against one of the trash cans in my apartment complex.

Stark white fabric, (still clean) & a brand-name. 179 more words



I wish I were not what I am. Though I’m uncertain of exactly what that is. The only certainty lies in the disgust and regret which arises from any action I undertake, not unlike the hissing steam which escapes after plunging a hot metal object in cold water. 158 more words


Three To Do With Several Day Old 7-Layer Dip (2015)

1. Ignore.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Insert as refuse.
To get real-
Done deal.


Three Steps At Dinner Table (2015)

1. Sit.
2. Eat.
3. Throw away leftovers.
As such-
Cooked too much.


Obligatory Apple Launch Post: iPhone 6s, Apple Pencil, And Apple TV Siri

In an internal memo, Steve Jobs once wrote:

“Tie all of our products together, so we further lock customers into our ecosystem”.

That ethos and sentiment has been the compass that guided these fanatics back to these product launches again and again, ever since.

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