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I grew up shopping in charity shops wearing my mums old jumpers and borrowing belts from my dad and treasuring these items, they had meaning. I would also shop on the high street as any teenager would but I found I had less attachment to these garments. 333 more words


The Generation Of Wonder

“Where are we going?” Tom asks.

“To the canteen.”

“We have a canteen?”

It sits on the southern half of the ninth floor. A dull filling sandwiched between eight floors of grey, baffled cubicles above and seven below. 840 more words

Short Story

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So, Mo picks me up from work on a mall run. We are five minutes away from The Palms when we get stuck in traffic. A blind man and his companion step off the sidewalk onto the road. 732 more words


Another small step - this time an earphone 

Couple of months back I flew with KLM and was highly disappointed by the amount of one-use plastic items. On that airplane model, I also needed to ask for the throw-away earphones because of the outdated plug that the aircraft uses. 98 more words


How To Protect Email From Spams By Using Temporary Email Address

Many people are using a couple of Email ID’s nowadays to protect their main Email address from spams or maybe for different reasons. But still a majority of us simple souls uses one Email ID and quite often are reluctant to use it in many places. 126 more words

Kernel Ketchup