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708th day

I’m a terrible blogger. It’s just as well I don’t do this for a living. The last time I blogged was on 18th Sept.

For once I’m showing something I can’t throw – the featured image is the wrapping paper of Daughter#2’s Christmas present. 287 more words

Throwing Away

Long way from home

I spent 2 weeks in September settling daughter #2 in an LA college. Coming from a cramped urban environment, she loved the openness. Everything was just bigger – shops were huge, aisles in supermarkets were huge, meal portions were generous. 227 more words

Throwing Away

507th day

Even though a settlement was agreed upon, the last few months has been difficult. He has not moved on. He has been doing things which upset me greatly. 611 more words

Throwing Away

Who Will I Be Next?

There’s nothing like moving to help you think about who you are, who you really are.

For years as a young mother, living in a rural area, I was responsible for growing a lot of our food and preserving it for use during our snowy, winter climate. 546 more words