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3AM Eternal: Throwing Muses "Dizzy" (1989)

Okay, so Kristin Hersh hates this song, taken from the band’s third album, Hunkpapa, but I happen to disagree with her sentiments; it’s a fun song from a really good band. 41 more words

Three AM Eternal

2015/07/13 Playlist

You own a question, it’s a garden
1. Night Time, My Time – Sky Ferreira
2. Everything I Cannot See – Charlotte Gainsbourg
3. Walking in the Dark – Throwing Muses… 34 more words

Old People Make Good Music Too

It’s no secret that music culture is obsessed with youth: blogs and review sites often center around “break-out” or “rising” artists and are usually targeting a young, often college-aged demographic of hip listeners.  1,063 more words

The All Star 25th Anniversary Mix Tape Spectacular!


October, 1999



My 25th birthday party was a hell of a good time– the minor details of which I will never be able to fully recall. 1,865 more words


Trick Candles


August, 1999



I pushed this mix into the tape deck of my car and it picked up in the exact spot it left off the last time I listened to it. 1,310 more words


I Wear Your Clothes Like Armour: Throwing Muses zine

It has been a while since I’ve made a new zine, but in the weeks before Other Worlds I took up the glue stick and put together the zine that Chiara (of Rhetorical zine) and I have been putting together since the start of the year. 139 more words