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Regarding Maps

My favorite map in Tagpro is The Holy See. Is it a decent map? I think so. Not many other people do. It’s chasey, and worse than that, there are many ways for a decent flag carrier to hide or run in circles around chasers that have their work cut out for them. 164 more words

Danger Zone

Update 1- Payment email delivery date change

Happy Spring Everyone! We would like to extend a hearty “thank you” for the overwhelming response to our email inbox! We received at least 15 more ticket requests over the weekend!  103 more words

10 Year-reunion


There’s always a reason to be thankful, and that’s the purpose of this blog. Mainly inspired by the Holy Spirit, it was watching one of my brothers do his #thanksliving project via his Facebook that gingered my desire to do this. 139 more words


Review: Reaper of the Wilds

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 4

Stack Status: 4
Staple fo sho.


A champion brawler who also does… something else. Activated abilities that provide a meaningful mana sink. 215 more words


Fate on the 427 a Rescue Story

Mandi Howard, a nurse from the Humber River Hospital’s emergency department, was in the right place at the right time, you might even call it fate. 509 more words


Pronunciation Of The ths Combination

The ths Combination

The ths combination is a difficult letter combination to pronounce in The Common Tongue of the English language.  This is mostly because there is no vowel sound in-between the /th/ sound and the /s/ sound. 51 more words

"Lesson Of The Day"

The problem with Tiny Hats.

When I’m stressed I have some slightly problematic ways of dealing with it.  Shopping. Eating. Smoking.  Sometimes all three at once.  What’s strange to me, is that all of my ways of dealing with stress are like depression medication.  296 more words

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