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International Students and Teachers at Taumarunui High School

By Jema Jensen & Sam Vermuelen

Taumarunui High School have an International Student programme. The international students are organised by Ian Forlong and Chris Long. 41 more words


Okay, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve added some of my gorgeous clients to the site. Bear with me as I collectively try to add a few at a time. 103 more words


Update 7- Discounted Ticket Update

“Summer time and the living is easy!…”

Hello all, I hope that this post finds you well. The Reunion is just OVER ONE MONTH AWAY! There are still some incomplete invitation orders floating around- and as Taylor was so wonderful to mention on the official Facebook page- we would like to start getting a better idea of a headcount which will determine a buffet versus plated meals for attendees. 194 more words

Namrata Vohra


We had been to Uttrakhand many times before but this trip was the best and the most memorable too. Since it was June, the peak time of summers, we decided to head to the hills. 254 more words

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The travelogue I wrote as part of my Class IV project was published on the school blog. The travelogue was written as part of our school project last year when we learnt the use of maps and sketching out directions and creating our own maps. I had created a travelogue on our summer vacation to Uttarakhand and my project was title "Escape to UttaraKhand" I hope you will like it too. if you like please leave your comments, if you don't like, then also give me suggestions and comment This is so exciting, I feel wonderful. saving it on my blog forever.

Update 1- Payment email delivery date change

Happy Spring Everyone! We would like to extend a hearty “thank you” for the overwhelming response to our email inbox! We received at least 15 more ticket requests over the weekend!  106 more words


There’s always a reason to be thankful, and that’s the purpose of this blog. Mainly inspired by the Holy Spirit, it was watching one of my brothers do his #thanksliving project via his Facebook that gingered my desire to do this. 139 more words


Review: Reaper of the Wilds

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 4

Stack Status: 4
Staple fo sho.


A champion brawler who also does… something else. Activated abilities that provide a meaningful mana sink. 215 more words