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Sheriff Morgan on the "Super-Predator", Thug Concept: "We are Family"

Since last week’s video release from the Escambia County Sheriff to the black community, a number of comments have been raised. The video has gone viral. 794 more words


Baltimore is a mess!

So once again the loons are out on the street protesting and destroying their own city. Freaking idiots. They say it’s about Freddie Gray. I don’t buy it. 151 more words

General Thoughts

Oh, by the way

we are were doomed.  By all predictions, we should have all been close to dead 15 years ago.  Because apocalypse sells.  Or raises vast amounts of money from folks who are easily scared and don’t know any better. 44 more words

Climate Mafia

Clueless is

as clueless does.

I’ll believe it’s a crisis when these idiots start acting as if it were a crisis.

Climate Mafia

Second rate academic fields

attract second rate minds.

Money quote:

The issue, in my opinion, makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you are a talented graduate, bursting with intellectual potential, would you like to work in an intolerant field of research, where new ideas are punished by…

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Climate Mafia