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Conversations with Liberals...Boy Spits on Trump Supporter, then claims he is a Woman; Freak Attacks Blonde Lady, Other Freaks Lie About the Assault; Students for Trump get Rough Treatment...

Everything about this clip turns my stomach –

-the regurgitation of charges against Trump with the inability to back any of it up.

-the assault after a person was made to look like an idiot.

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Denmark: Muslim "Refugees" Attack Random Americans...

“On October 1st 2016 at 03am,  our 30-year-old son and his four friends (three US citizens and a Danish friend) was assaulted by 8-10 masked ethnic youths (Danish media slang for Muslims) a few meters from our son’s home.

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S1V9+ - Mighty Steeds, Carnies, Vandalism and Thugs

Since we last caught up with our band of prisoners…

  • The group gathered provisions before leaving Mithril Hall.
    • Horses were bought and named
      • Ric on Morty the winged, yet flightless, steed…
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Hillary Clinton IS Guilty Of Inciting Violent Riots Against American Citizens...

What was once rumor has now been confirmed, and Hillary Clinton herself is apparently unable to deny the facts.

Team Clinton, working in conjunction with the DNC, planned and instigated violence against the Trump campaign during a number of Trump rallies – violence which resulted in injuries to both private citizens and law enforcement alike.

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#PoliceState Update: Another #OaklandPD thug arrested, charged in obstruction, prostitution case

Oakland police officer Ryan Walterhouse, 26, was arrested late on suspicion of engaging in prostitution and obstruction of justice. The latest jolt to a department roiled by scandals and the loss of its former chief. 138 more words

Sacramento Update

Democrats' Love Of Violence

I won’t use the “F” word, but in case you missed it, two recent news stories really highlight Democrat behavior:


Obama's Border: 10-Times Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Raping A Child On A Bus...

A man from Mexico who had been deported 10 times in the last six years is behind bars on charges of raping a child on a Greyhound bus.

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