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This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls: The Experiment in Freedom Is Failing

The U.S. government now poses the greatest threat to our freedoms…More than terrorism, more than domestic extremism, more than gun violence and organized crime, even more than the perceived threat posed by any single politician, the U.S.

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FF : Chapter 12 : Thugs

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Wounds healed and feeling refreshed, Lin Xii went titan hunting until nightfall, only then he returned home. 2,295 more words

Fantasy Falls

The Deadman Hand.

“Fools! I told you to only bring the box!”

A man dressed in an elegant suit found himself shouting at his two workers. He had given them a simple task. 387 more words


Australians Stay Alive Another Day Without God-Given Right to Shoot Down Their Friends and Neighbors

Boring isn’t it?

❝ Due to the nation’s controversial and oppressive gun restrictions, no one has died as a result of a mass-shooting on Australian soil today, for the 7827th day in a row.

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Thugs A cult long forgotten

The meaning of thug from Cambridge dictionary is described as “a man who acts violently, especially to commit a crime”. They practice Thuggee a word which is derived from Sanskrit meaning concealment. 816 more words

Going to hell in a hand-basket

Fox News Poll: World going to hell in a hand-basket as nation comes apart at seams

By Dana Blanton, Fox News

Some 56 percent of voters say things are “going to hell in a hand-basket.” It was 57 percent a year ago and 58 percent in 2014. 801 more words