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Thumb Pollicization (Pollicisation)

What is it?
Pollicization (or pollicisation) is a hand surgery technique in which a thumb is created from an existing finger. The first case of a digit being transferred to create a thumb was described over 100 years ago in 1885. 1,344 more words

VACTERL Association

"Between a Road and a Hard Place"

So I wrote this book.  I needed to.  It helped me.  My family I don’t deserve says I should share it with other “rainy day people” because it might help them too.  353 more words

#MIWeekend - Feb. 20: It's Never Too Cold for Outdoor Fun in Michigan

Sure, it’s cold out, but that never stopped a Michigander from having fun. If you’re up to braving the outdoors this weekend, here are some special events to visit: 266 more words


The Top 5 iPhone Games Reviewed (By Someone With An Injured Thumb)

A few days ago, I injured my thumb by slamming it into a refrigerator door in a fistfight defending my honor. A few minutes after that, I reached for my phone to compose a no-doubt hilarious and insightful tweet about the situation. 1,142 more words

Mandolin Attacks Thumb - Pinkie Saved by Three Digits

If the sight of a little blood disturbs you ~ skip this post.

The Culprit:

The Victim:

The thumb refused medical assistance at the scene. A couple of Advil and some bandaging was all that was required. 24 more words


She's Under My Thumb

“She’s under my thumb”
I heard someone say
She’ll be squished as a bug
By the end of the day


Remove Thumb of SeekBar in Android.

To remove the thumb of the seekbar in android we need to add this line in java file after initializing the seekbar: