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New Beginnings and Old Friends

Between do and don’t
Will and won’t
heart and mind
Kind or blind

In the pouring rain
I ask You for clarity
You send Azzy Hussein, 27 more words

Creative Writing

I'm Pleased to Announce...

I know thumb sucking is a controversial topic, and in this case I really do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As a retired thumb-sucker, I’m partial to the thumb-sucking myself. 37 more words


What makes us human

Weekly I download Jeremy Vines’s podcast regarding What makes us human?, and thoroughly enjoy listening to how the diverse bunch of folk invited to explore this, first read an essay on said question, and then subject themselves to interview. 100 more words

12 Things You Can't Do Without Your Thumbs

Sometimes my thumb stops working. Don’t know why. I just won’t be able to move it no matter how much I will it. I learn a lot during those times. 247 more words


MQ: Do You Bite Your Thumb at Me, Sir?

“I DO bite my thumb at you, sir!”

(When you see “MQ”, or Movie Quote, in the title of a post, it means that something Max does reminds me of a quote from some movie or show. 10 more words