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Recent update: Adventurous Tuesday

Today, in my sport class, I hurt my thumb. It all started when one of my classmates, decided to throw a basketball with a great force as I was playing federball and my arms were up in the air. 144 more words

My Diary.. :)

Pictures From the Sixth to the Seventh day in Tokyo

Another bunch of pictures to feast your hungry, starving, weakened eyes on!

Included with these pictures are images.
Who woulda thunk it?

I wonder if that really was one of the members of Daft Punk…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


Chocolate has betrayed me

Today I managed to injure myself on/with a block of chocolate.

I was eating a Cadbury Hazelnut block of chocolate, and went to go break a piece off. 207 more words


Why Aren’t Human Fingers All the Same Length?

The human hand is remarkably different from that of other primates, with shorter fingers, a smaller palm and a significantly stronger thumb; of course, the most notable feature of our hands is the ability of the thumb to perfectly and comfortably oppose (come into square contact at the tips) each finger of the same hand.

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Today I Learned

Oh hi. 

Hello there.

I was just relaxing, and I found my thumb.

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Guarding the Hand

As mentioned previously, since Cagney’s passing, Phineas has barely missed a beat regarding his daily regurgitating & hand-jive activities.

My right hand is the preferred location for jiggy-jiggy, as are the fingers & thumb.   290 more words