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Create thumbnails of PDF's with Node JS and GraphicsMagick

1. Install GraphicsMagick

On Ubuntu (14.04):

sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick

2. Install the Node library in your project

npm install gm

3. Write  a script… 337 more words


FMP: Visual Research

/exploring the white stag visually and culturally/

Through initial research of commercial viability for my art book of obscure folklore/mythological figures in popular culture, I discovered the White Stag is prevalent in Skyrim (a very popular game for the last 5 years and still selling books about art and bestiaries in Forbidden Planet). 389 more words


Works-In-Progress, April 14th

While we’ve been working hard to get Boneshaker Press up and running, we’ve also been creating illustrations for our collaborative art book! We wanted to share a few of our sketches and other preliminary work, so here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been working on. 260 more words


Day 1510 - Thumbail

I took a photo of my thumb as I was eating my apple, no idea why.

Taken by Simon Greene

Amateur Photography

60: MidwestManMountain Spring 2016 Lineup & Website announcement

New this spring:
1) new layout for thumbnails and channel art
2) longer Tuesday blog
3) WEBSITE! http://www.MidwestManMountain.com

Hello friends and welcome to springtime.  In this video we go over some of the major changes to the MidwestManMountain channel, and we go over some of the upcoming projects for the next three months. 367 more words


284th Day

Today I learned a lot again. I realized that I haven’t finished earlier the Bootstrap videos for my Online Resume. I realized few new things. 252 more words

Resume Project