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[AmeAgari] AKB48 170512 -Thumbnail Shonichi 720p [Eng sub]

Teamed up with Silenka for another stage sub. Luv ya~

This time its Thumbnail special stage shonichi, which setlist is consisted of the Thumbnail album songs. 74 more words

Eng Sub

How to get a video thumbnail in .NET?

I was looking to implement a function that retrieves a single frame from an input video, which can be used as a thumbnail. I wanted to display thumbnails for videos listed on my site, I wanted to fetch a frame from a video (from a particular time) and display it as thumbnail. 318 more words


Part 2 (Intimacy) – Research point

The following artists came to mind as I thought about negative vs. positive space. Some of them aren’t really “from today” but felt they were very relevant for this research point. 135 more words

Research Point

Why video thumbnail previews  are a must in every website with video content

 Let’s flashback to April 23rd, 2005 real quick. What does this date tell you? Maybe it’s someone’s birthday, wedding day, the first paycheck day, or just another number on a calendar. 1,511 more words

Video Previews

PowerShell Automation of FFMPEG

Want to create thumbnails from video files or convert from .ts to .mp4? FFMPEG can do it but the command line can be a bit tricky to figure out. 100 more words

Getting Burnt | Megaman 1 (NES) LetsPlay Part 1

By writing these immediately after publishing each video I won’t forget again lol. Remember there’s nothing special about these, just a little extra writing to go alongside the video like an extended description of sorts. 257 more words

BAD TASTE GNOME Vulnerability leads to Code Injection in Linux

A new vulnerability(CVE-2017-11421) has been discovered by German security researcher Nils Dagsson Moskopp dubbed as BAD TASTE , which is a code injection vulnerability in the thumbnail handler component of GNOME Files file manager that could allow hackers to execute malicious code on targeted Linux machines. 429 more words