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Update 14/11

Hello fellow farmers!

This update is pretty thin since we have been polishing some things. I finally finished the thumbnail for AirConsole  btw,

This is what it ended up looking like. 139 more words

Development Blog

Everyday But Sunday

Video by Everyday But Sunday.

Thumbnail by Wade Sharpe.


Hey guys, its Aaryanisback, with another post. Just a quick update, I have started to invite a few new authors to our website now that have a variety of topics that they like. 150 more words

Above the clouds

Dawn above the clouds.

In my sketchbook from a flight on a grey day, grey weekend. Above the clouds beautiful sunshine and next to me a man born in Zimbabwe!

Quick Sketch


Thumbnails are like baby artworks; they aren’t even sketches yet. This is my latest tiny, adorable thumbnail that will one day grow up to become a full-sized majestic artwork.

What makes a good Kickstarter?

Recently we have been looking at Kickstarters for my entrepreneurial journalism class and what makes a good/effective or bad/ineffective Kickstarter. The two we looked at for this blog were MudTails and Coolest Cooler. 332 more words

Environment Design Lesson 3

Grayscale comps designed to show a mood/emotional idea.