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March 8, 1969: Right After The Vows, Go To Your Room

Guiseppe Greco and Marcella Risciglione married in Paterno, Sicily, in 1969. The 21-year-old groom was an auto mechanic, the bride a sixth-grade student. She was 12. 939 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Ten Photoshop tricks every art teacher should know

“Photoshop can be overwhelming; using it with students can be even scarier. It’s not uncommon for a student to make one wrong click of their …”

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A Little Sketching - March 2, 2017

This week I started working on a new page for Weblinks. I have the whole chapter (currently in chapter (a.k.a. Bite) 5 of the story) done in rough sketches, but when I got to this page, I didn’t really like the layout I had for it. 322 more words

Creative Process

In the dark

In the tiny sketchbook in the dark theater.  Good to have something else to focus on when the plot made me nervous.

Margaret On The Spot

DIY Cover Design Checklist

Consider these items when designing a book cover. Don’t rush the revisions. Just because a good book is written, doesn’t mean anyone will read it. Packaging for a target audience is what sells the book.  258 more words


Thumbnail sketches

Watercolour is my favourite medium to work with. I’m satisfied as the outcome is close to my expectation. The cold-press Blockingford paper gives the sketches interesting texture without being too rough or distractive. 38 more words