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Thank you, thank you, thank you

To all who kindly sent a b-day greeting my way, thank you so much. Some of you know I have spent some of my time in recent years denigrating social media and such, but at times like this, when I see your names and your lovely faces in the little thumbnail pix, I realize you all still mean a lot to me and I am humbled that you find time in your busy lives to remember this old journalist. 128 more words

Post 65

#MidWeek #MidCritique in MANY #Studio #Art Courses

#2 Learn to draw. Drawing is more than a tool for rendering and capturing likenesses. It is a language, with its own syntax, grammar, and urgency. 475 more words

Visual Examples

youtube thumbnail size

This is used to create a thumbnail for Youtube video.

Lorde - the 6 fairies wrote on my thumbnail last night ...

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Lorde – the 6 fairies wrote on my thumbnail last night … in our article… 9 more words


I’m at work,

Just moving right along,

Singing my onion song.

Having fun,

Just loving new friends;

Making new trends.
“Oh, Slicing onions!

Good thing I don’t have bunions! 117 more words

How to make a thumbnail?

Thumbnails on YouTube are actually what get’s people interested in your content, no one would look at a boring thumbnail, and enjoy it. I have made some bad thumbnails in the past, but I think I’ve got the hang of it. 440 more words

Vloggin' Tips

More on covers, not "moron covers"

I know your Mom told you not to judge a book by its cover, but frankly that’s absurd. If someone’s browsing for a book to buy, the cover is the first thing they see. 548 more words