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Small Thumbnails and Script Writing

I did begin by creating small thumbnails of my original ideas, however I began to get hung up on the order of pages and making sure I had a fluent narrative. 99 more words


Collection Zine - Page Making

After my initial thumbnails I began to work them up so I had a rough idea of what I wanted for each page, although I still struggled for what to put on a couple of them. 349 more words


Collection Zine - Starting Point

I found myself struggling to come up with any good ideas for work based around my collection for a few weeks. The t shirts themselves weren’t giving me anything in terms of inspiration. 198 more words


3.6 Viewpoint

I first had to collect a selection of objects to match a suggested theme.  From the options I choose workshop.  I was then required to photograph these objects, trying different arrangements within the frame and zooming in and out. 312 more words


Judging books of the Liberation of France by their cover: a new feature of Cambridge University Library catalogue

Book covers, originally designed to protect the pages of a book, now serve a commercial purpose: they attract the gaze, aiming at inducing the purchase and reading of a book. 2,231 more words


Grade Five Thumbnails

The Artists at School program is in full swing again.  Grade fives were assigned some research drawing: they were given certain elements to form a scene and given free reign to create their own compositions, including figuring out foreground, mid ground and back ground as well as values.   32 more words


Concept Art 101

I had a module on Game Concept Art this semester and it was one of the most difficult ones ever. A week of drawing had my hand cramping but in the end I learnt a lot. 1,004 more words

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