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Week 2 Developments

So far, we have met to decide the direction we want out project to go on, based on the sketches we have been producing throughout the week. 247 more words

Week 1 Concepts


Ningxi’s works

We were ask to draw at least 25 thumbnails to explore characters. I was testing the variation of the shape, facial expression and the hair style of the main character (Franklin). 163 more words

Portfolio Advice: 2D Concept Artist

HR Departments and creative team leaders are always on the look out for someone who will fit easily into their existing team, and sometimes, even as specifically as someone who has something in their portfolio that the company is currently working on. 459 more words

Portfolio Advice

A Book by Its Cover: Advice for the Self-Published

If your work is to be produced by a trade publisher, the cover will be entirely out of your hands. This can be a good thing, and it can be a bad thing: good, because it is by no means easy to design and produce a good cover; bad, because you may get stuck with a bad one. 532 more words

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Fusion - Display nodes as thumbnails

Fusion 8.2

Right Click the Flow view background and choose:
Force All Tile Pictures

What Graphic Designers Need to Know.

1: Formal Concepts

Simplicity is the use of a minimal amount of graphics to get across a message. Although the designer can use a lot of fancy graphics to get across the same message, sometimes “less is more” as it can be easier to read and easier to understand. 676 more words

Concept Drawings

Hi all, I’d like to report what I’m working on currently.  I am working on a new series  titled “Seven Heavenly Virtues” in which I conceptualize the virtues of chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, humility.   121 more words