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Shy Annes: Flower of the Day, Jan 6, 2018

If I were to name these flowers, I’d name them Shy Annes.  In reality, they are thunbergias.  Sweet little ladies. (Enlarge by clicking on any photo.) 8 more words

Thunbergia: Flower of the Day, Sept 19, 2017.

I was late to the awards luncheon because I had to stop and take these photos of the wild tangle of tiny orange thunbergia winding around the bird of paradise plant. 39 more words

Thunbergia Grandiflower: Flower of the Day, Sept 3, 2017

Pushy and messy, these thunbergia vines are nonetheless my favorites. They rival kudzu in their push to cover the world.  I had to stop and click a fast photo of these vines on a neighbor’s wall. 10 more words

The fantastic flowering stars of August

There’s a lot of flitting hither and thither in August with so many things to get done while it’s warm and dry (mostly): Summer holidays with the kids; making the most of the sunshine in and out of the garden; big home projects; harvesting veg and fruit … and then actually using them (although I am currently delegating that somewhat by supplying the village with windfall cooking apples and plums!). 795 more words