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Parvekkeesta ei ole tullut paratiisia vielä. Sinne on ilmestynyt vain ihana, lukemiseen sopiva riippukeinu, jonka poikani on ominut omaksi pesäkseen.

Taka- ja etuterassit ovat kokeneet muodonmuutoksen. 221 more words

Slow Progress

I have watched enough episodes of Grand Designs to know that when carrying out a major building project two or more of the following consequences are inevitable: 393 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Thunbergia vine, framing Petunia’s

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Summer in the Garden

This painting was begun a year ago, and has undergone many different directions, finally resulting in this. It was my neighbours swimming in the pool that revealed how it should be finished, and so here it is. 56 more words

Hidden Depths

From a distance the Thumbergia flowers stand out as a bright orange disc of petals with a black spot at the centre.  Up close the hidden depths of the dark maroon tube appear but to human eyes the stamens and nectaries are still invisible.   137 more words

Plant Portraits

Thunbergia fragrans: White Lady

Thunbergia fragrans, the whitelady is a perennial climbing twiner in the genus Thunbergia.

It is native to India and Southern Asia but widespread in the tropics including Florida, Hawaii, Australia, New Caledonia, French Polynesia,  Caribbean  and Indian Ocean islands,  southern Africa and Central America. 16 more words