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Thunbergia Visits Bougainvillea: Flower of the Day, May 22, 2018

How these little black-eyed thunbergia made it from the front yard to this patch of bougainvillea in an island in the middle of my backyard, I’ll never know, but here they are visiting and making themselves at home. 8 more words

Shy Annes: Flower of the Day, Jan 6, 2018

If I were to name these flowers, I’d name them Shy Annes.  In reality, they are thunbergias.  Sweet little ladies. (Enlarge by clicking on any photo.) 8 more words

Thunbergia: Flower of the Day, Sept 19, 2017.

I was late to the awards luncheon because I had to stop and take these photos of the wild tangle of tiny orange thunbergia winding around the bird of paradise plant. 39 more words

Thunbergia Grandiflower: Flower of the Day, Sept 3, 2017

Pushy and messy, these thunbergia vines are nonetheless my favorites. They rival kudzu in their push to cover the world.  I had to stop and click a fast photo of these vines on a neighbor’s wall. 10 more words

The fantastic flowering stars of August

There’s a lot of flitting hither and thither in August with so many things to get done while it’s warm and dry (mostly): Summer holidays with the kids; making the most of the sunshine in and out of the garden; big home projects; harvesting veg and fruit … and then actually using them (although I am currently delegating that somewhat by supplying the village with windfall cooking apples and plums!). 795 more words