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Thunder Bluff,grad Taurena

Thunder Bluff je glavni grad Taurena,smesten u severnom delu Mulgore regiona.Ceo grad je izgradjen stenama stotinama metara visokih,i okruzuje ga predivan pogled,i pristupacan je liftovima na jugozapadnoj i severoistocnoj strani. 70 more words


Change of Seasons...

November 2nd

Dear Journal,

I have certainly been enjoying my life in Pandaria because it’s a definite change of pace from Thunder Bluff and Mulgore.  I was definitely feeling my age when I was at home and that has changed quite a bit since I made the move to Pandaria to be with my children.  811 more words

More Adventures To Come

Hallow's End has arrived!

And as I was running around doing quests on both, I had some fun photo-spamming. First, our lovely models for this post: Embri and Circe! 85 more words

Hallow's End Zeppelin Dance Party

With another random player on the Zeppelin back from Thunder Bluff.

Then of course, both Em and her mystery stranger needed to have a little break. 9 more words

Zepsi's News Crew

“Zepsi is a bit of a social climber. she’s the sort of goblins most people want to know: well connected, friendly yet cunning, and eager to raise her friends up if only to help raise her up as well. 61 more words

Undeath In Azeroth & Beyond

Happy Farmer, Fun Times...Not Homesick Anymore

June 9th

Dear Journal,

I can’t say that I have been happier in a while. It’s nice going back to the old ways of doing things and I think that Naton is happy with the situation too, even if he won’t admit it. 1,166 more words

World Of Warcraft

Belfs Don't Fly...

I’m puttering around on my Horde Toon, Belf Zwingli.  I’m coming up into Thunder Bluff, via the lift.

What do I see, but a lvl 76 Tauren Druid in Stag Form! 112 more words

Random Fun