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How it took 2 days to upgrade my RAID, thanks to a bug in Disk Utility, and tired old HFS+

The saga to upgrade my Promise Pegasus R4 RAID drive just kept going.

Last time, I thought it was all done. I had replaced the drives one by one, migrated the size of the logical drive to fill the resulting 6 TB (net), and it had all synchronised properly. 461 more words


Error 53 - iPhone: What do I do now...

I consider myself a fan of Apple products because of the design and technologies that they use.  I don’t think there is anyone else on the market that provides technology that Apple uses in their devices, although all of the technology isn’t necessarily developed by Apple.  310 more words

Yoga - adept posture

This posture also called Accomplished, Siddhasana, Perfect or Adept posture. According to The British Wheel of Yoga, its benefits are opening the hips and improving concentration. 23 more words


1964 Ford Thunderbolt Phil Bonner 1/18 Diecast Car by Autoworld

All Thunderbolts are special cars, a sort of “Holy Grail” among high-performance Ford enthusiasts. Each Thunderbolt was modified for Ford Motor Co. by Detroit Steel Tubing Co. 101 more words


1minute29: Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt 2

Gundam man (if they release an episode every month then remembering character names is beyond me) goes out Gundaming again, and he meets the sniper, who happens to have no legs. 158 more words


Keeping your Promise: upgrading a Promise Pegasus R4 RAID

If you have a hardware RAID system like the Promise Pegasus R4, how easy is it to increase its drive capacity non-destructively?

It takes a little time, but works well. 608 more words


Yoga - thunderbolt

Thunderbolt posture, also know as ‘hero’ or ‘Vajrasana’ in Sanskrit language.

The benefit of this posture, according to The British Wheel of Yoga, it stretches knees, ankles and feet and aids concentration. 27 more words