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Making a Decklink Extreme 4K into a Thunderbolt Device

I’ve been eyeballing the Ultrastudio 4K for my color rig for a while not.  It’s nice because it has thunderbolt, so I can use it on set or in the studio, and it has 4K which I’m starting to see more and more around town.   279 more words

Check out the Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface!

We here at Waltons believe this is one to watch. The power and speed of Thunderbolt is sure to change the face of audio recording. The TAC-2 not only records, but it also performs four times up sampling of your signal during the analog-to-digital and the digital-to-analog conversion. 170 more words



Seizing hold of the impotent thunderbolt of your boundless lethargy, hurl it from the heights of your consciousness of nothingness toward the trembling heart of the productive world, animated by a vain resolve to paralyze the will of man as, unarrestable, it races toward profit’s mirage.

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