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Child Custody Lawyer In Thunderbolt Georgia

When a competent court gives a parent the right to make important decisions for a child’s life, it is called as child custody. Decisions related to health, religion, education and place of living are included here. 198 more words

Need Lawyer

1minute29: Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 3

For whatever reason a hundred or so teenage pilots are sent out by the Federation as cannon fodder. Needless to say, most of them die edgy and pointless deaths. 69 more words


Those jolts of life

Every once in a while I get a jolt in life. I find it quite refreshing actually.

I love living life! The good, bad, loving, ugly, boring, crazy, maotic moments that make up my life, I love all of them. 168 more words

The thunderbolt

I have just read an article about electrical stimulation techniques in treating Parkinson’s Disease. It stated “Thankfully, as modern medicine has progressed, so too has our mastery of therapeutic lightning in a bottle“. 544 more words

Parkinson's Disease

A complete freeze, restart, and lockout

Seeing as you didn’t ask, allow me to give you a tip: if you are ever in a hospital A&E department, never comment that it is quiet. 692 more words


Site continues to be low on images

I’ve been creating more Font based images for my site, as explained in the picture. My site is soon to have a new look.

I also considered switching to Dreamhost and leaving WordPress.com or WordPress.org. 90 more words


Why do people die in lightning?

At least 30 people mostly farmers were struck and killed by lightning in the last 10 days at different parts of the country as nor’westers started to hit since last month. 316 more words

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