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Why Did Our Lord Ascend on Thursday?

Holy Mother Church gives us Ascension Thursday on … well, Thursday … for a reason. This reason never occurred to me until a sermon from a priest last evening at the Ascension Vigil Mass. 311 more words


You would think that my favorite day of the week would be Friday, or maybe one of the actual weekend days. Well, it’s not. My favorite day of the week is… 81 more words

In honor of Zombie Awareness Month I am posting extra quotes from World War Z – Enjoy!

“…thing about the army, they always promise to teach you “marketable skills,” but they never mention that, by far, there’s nothing more marketable than knowing how to kill some people while keeping others from being killed.”

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A word. An inanimate term that’s used to eradicate injustice, expose sinister actions and place genocide under the telescope for the masses to challenge. A vintage delivery that left timeless effects, overdrawn victories, and unanimous respect but… sometimes iniquitous genocide. 20 more words

10 Questions For My First Love

Happy Storytelling Thursday Everyone!

The theme for this first storytelling Thursday is Love. Questions about love, random questions you’d ask your first love (past, present, or future). 197 more words