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Nina Dobrev - I know it's Thursday, but this is not a TBT. #BackOnSet #TVD... #ItConfusesMeWhen

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Roll Call: Dead of Winter, Game of Thrones, Kill Doctor Lucky, Mansions of Madness

Roll Call¬†summarizes the past week’s gaming exploits, and who was doing the exploiting. This past week had two gaming sessions. Thursday Night games¬†and Friday Night Mansions of Madness. 877 more words

Board Game

Friday Coffee Date: [Real Talk- Change, Friendships, and Goals]

Last night I had dinner with a good friend, Kelley. She was one of my first friends playing rugby and helped me out insurmountably with getting to know the sport, understanding it, building my confidence and just being by my side when I was nervous for my first game or in uncomfortable situations. 619 more words


This poem comes out of my solipsism. Its true purpose is for me to imagine a world where only duplicates of me exist. O, how tremendous that would be! 203 more words


Since creating this blog, I’ve decided I will be posting makeup looks on here as well as my Instagram page (@11shanna) and then I will give a detailed list of all the products used, what shade/color they are in, where you can purchase them, and of course how much each product costs. 313 more words


Thoughts on Thursday Afternoon

Blog Post #299

Some beautiful words by Audrey Hepburn, perfect for a Thursday afternoon, when you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unmotivated.