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Making a Niche: Pacific Logging and Processing

Making a Niche March/April 2015 TimberWest magazine Pacific Logging and Processing finds a niche providing services for small-scale private landowners, which the company calls “‘permits to planting.” … 10 more words

Sustainable Forestry

PB Vs. Chili, PB Always Wins!

It’s Thursday but Zelda’s weekly routine took a different turn once again. Most Thursdays will find me in Seattle which opens up various possibilities for dessert, but this week I took my Seattle trip on Monday. 690 more words

A Couchless Encounter With PB


It’s a chilly, rainy Tuesday and Zelda spent the morning in Thurston County. It wasn’t exactly the greatest weather for fro-yo, but that never stops me. 854 more words

PB And The Sunshine

The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day! It’s definitely too nice to sit inside, and a day like this is just screaming for a frozen treat; more specifically Peanut Butter. 633 more words

PB Minus The Wow


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Isn’t that the famous saying? Well, that’s what Zelda did today. Monday turned out to be a bit of a Peanut Butter disappointment when I walked into Twisties to find them cleaning the machine. 772 more words

Bad Timing On A Monday Of All Days!


Oh, Monday! Why do you show up and do the things you do? Sometimes you’re good to me, but today you just weren’t on my side. 1,081 more words

Multi-Tasking At Menchie's


It’s Fro-Yo Friday, so let the weekend begin! It can never get here quick enough for Zelda, and I’m always ready to celebrate with a tasty cup of fro-yo. 950 more words