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Narasimha – Nothing Impossible!

Perhaps one of the most dramatic of all the avatars of the Almighty, Narayana in his unique incarnation as the man-lion has indelibly captured the imagination of devotees, and continues to hold sway as never before.  1,892 more words

More Light On Options - Examples from Saint Thyagaraja's Compositions

After the last post on Options, I would like to present here a convincing example of a great saint who demonstrated through his life how silly it is even to think of options. 647 more words


In and around Tamilnadu - Random observations

If you are blindfolded and air-dropped anywhere in India, it is not only the language and the people and their dress that will give away the location. 940 more words


bhakti : as defined by rAmAnujAcArya

s’rI rAmAnujAcArya said ‘snEha-pUrvam-anu-dhyAnam-bhaktir-ity-abhidhIyatE’.

dhyAna is paying attention.

To continuously pay loving (friendly)  attention to the divine is bhakti according to this guru of vis’iSTAdvaita. 17 more words

Ancient Indians

Different Facets of Mukhari Raga

As many carnatic music lovers would know, the Raga Mukhari is associated SOKA RASA or sorrow. It’s in fact common among South Indian parents to plead with cranky children not to start off in Mukhari! 460 more words



Great people leave legacies for jaathi/humanity. But there are some middlemen/women who claim that they own those great people either biologically, legally or emotionally. So their literature, their discoveries their coimpositions  etc do not see much light.These middle persons would like the world to know about the great people ONLY THROUGH THEM. 48 more words

Be At - The Festival Of Sacred Music

Classical music festivals are a rarity and in all the clutter, here’s one ‘pure’ find – The Festival Of Sacred Music. It will be taking place in a sacred setting – Thiruvaiyaru on the Cauvery. 216 more words

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