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Puncture Me Gently: A Tale of Two Nodes

On 08/19/15, I was the first appointment of the day in the Thyroid Biopsy Clinic. I like being first. I imagine that the doctor would have that freshly showered aura – you know, the one that energizes you at the beginning of the day; and he would not yet have  other patient’s germs on his clothing or their problems on his mind; the chance of the previous case running long wouldn’t come into play. 1,805 more words

Thyroid Biopsy

The day everything changed..

Valentine’s day is supposed to be full of love, flowers, candy and a happy day for most of us. I was lucky enough to have to work bright and early on Valentine’s day and while I looked the part of someone who was having a happy day, deep down every minute that went by waiting for my results was dampening my spirit little by little. 1,161 more words

Thyroid Cancer

The quack doctor & the doctor I can't thank enough!

Okay- This post may be more of a rant than anything. So I’m going to break it up a little..

-ENT @ USF Health-

I sat down in the USF Health office along with what seemed the like rest of Tampa, it was PACKED! 677 more words

Thyroid Cancer

Here. We. Go. Again.

This will be the year the surgeries outpace the age.  She’s been running a cool average of one a year for quite some time.  Now, at just about 10 and a half, she will get a jump start of her 11th surgery. 638 more words

Cowden's Syndrome

Reality - tough to swallow

I am a huge fan of online shopping, and normally I anticipate my orders my counting the days till their arrival.

Except this one – not so much. 847 more words

Cowden's Syndrome

It's not malignant... BUT...

It was an interesting phone call this afternoon.

I knew from the caller ID that it was going to be the hospital with the pathology report.   935 more words

Cowden's Syndrome

Trying to stay research-free

We are at the beach for an extra long weekend getaway, which means I am writing this on my phone.  I have been trying really hard to stay research-free, with mixed success. 334 more words