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Silly Me

The bloody biopsy is today, not yesterday.

It’s right there, on my calendar: Wednesday, 1pm. Guess I was anxious, who knew?

I had a nice bike ride to San Francisco General at least, and then on to the grocery store, which I unexpectedly had time for. 97 more words


The FNA Biopsy : Taking a 6-inch Needle to the Neck!

When my thyroid nodule ultrasound came back showing some signs that pointed toward a higher risk of cancer, my ENT specialist recommended a Fine Needle Aspiration biopsy, appropriately abbreviated FNA (say it fast with inflection). 742 more words

Cancer Humor

Thyroid Nodule: Friend, Foe, or Remnants of a Lost Twin

Last time on “The Days of Our, Young and Restless, Thyroid Lives” – Chrissy starts to suspect the worst when a sketchy-ass radiology tech won’t let her look at the screen during the ultrasound. 856 more words

Cancer Humor

Doctors, and Labs, and PT, Oh My!

For other zebras, days like these sound very familiar. My zebra, like many others, has several other health issues that are found more commonly in EDS or are part of her EDS. 1,143 more words

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