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Cancer is Not Cancer; The Agony of being Dependent.

This was written when I was still quite sick a number of months ago.  I was too low at the time it was written to post it.   1,085 more words

The "C" Word

CUNT!! That’s what I am yelling in my head but not out loud because I am tired and my throat hurts from papillary thyroid cancer. Whoa. 547 more words

What Race are the Kindest of Doctors?

I had a doctor once, slight of stature, brown kind eyes, practical wash and wear hair, nothing fancy about her, and the one who sifted through mountains of charts – two separate charts belonging to one giant medical system.  554 more words

Crazy, Stupid Cancer: Life interrupted

Being a 23 year old with cancer has already changed most aspects of my life. I mean, aren’t “youth” and “health” supposed to be synonymous? 805 more words

Every patient is different

This statement by my surgeon during our first meeting made her “Doctor Right” for me. Hearing these words personally meant that I would be given care and attention best suited for my condition and needs. 823 more words

Thyroid Cancer

Karen’s Story – Papillary Thyroid Cancer Survivor

“When I called Karen to ask her if I could interview her to write about her experience with papillary thyroid cancer, she immediately agreed and we made plans to meet at a local coffee shop. 2,255 more words

True Story

Your Thyroid Problem and Your Breast Cancer Risk

A 36 year-old spunky, bold, compassionate mother of two (and good friend of mine) discovered her own breast cancer. It wasn’t even a lump, more of a “leatheriness,” she said, and she almost hated to go get it checked out, as it felt like something she might just be imagining. 773 more words