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A Second Perspective

Hello everyone,

I appreciate all the prayers and comments that I received since my last post.  So many of you shared in our disappointment and it means so much to know that we are not alone.   675 more words

Thyroid Cancer

Writing & Chronic Illness

This blogpost is very close to my heart and I debated writing it for a long time.

Let me start out by saying all chronic illnesses are different. 444 more words

Dear Cancer

I thought we were done.  We’ve hung out for 7 years.  You’ve tried to extend your stay several times, but I hope you understand that by undergoing 4 surgeries and radiation, that we didn’t really want you around permanently. 1,048 more words

Thyroid Cancer

Recipe: Tight Jeans and Cracker Candy

Well, now I have done it.  Believe it or not with all the baking I do, I am very disciplined and do not eat very much of it.   731 more words


Writing Healthy

It’s time to write.

Well, I thought I was doing a pretty good job at being healthy.  Until the news came, I have papillary thyroid cancer. 355 more words

This to shall pass ...they say

Maybe in this one instance “they” were right, that I would beat cancer yet again or maybe it’s just my own mindset. Follow up radioactive iodine treatment body scan results are in and I couldn’t be more thrilled that the cancer didn’t spread beyond my neck and the simple fact that I had uptake (some people don’t have uptake at all and their prognosis isn’t so good as chemo/radiation isn’t very effective for thyroid cancer). 774 more words


A Good Cancer?

They say that thyroid cancer is a ‘good’ cancer.  Well, my reply to that would be whoever stated this has never been diagnosed with the disease! 318 more words