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Anesthesia Sucks

Truly. I did not react well to anesthesia AT ALL in my recovery. To be honest, I remember a few moments from the recovery room: 461 more words


Ethics, Transparency, and "The Good Cancer"

If someone were to compile a list of phrases guaranteed to bring an emotional reaction from thyroid cancer patients, at the top of the list would be, “The Good Cancer”.   1,102 more words


Surgery Day!

These posts are weird because as I make them, even though they’re in order, I skip key events. But I promise I will make posts on them later! 969 more words

Thyroid Cancer

The FNA Biopsy : Taking a 6-inch Needle to the Neck!

When my thyroid nodule ultrasound came back showing some signs that pointed toward a higher risk of cancer, my ENT specialist recommended a Fine Needle Aspiration biopsy, appropriately abbreviated FNA (say it fast with inflection). 742 more words

Cancer Humor

Why Many Patients are Angry about the NIFTP Reclassification - and why they may be Wrong

Soon after the announcement of a proposal to reclassify a type of thyroid cancer (noninvasive encapsulated follicular variant or EFVPTC) as a non-cancer, there were some angry reactions on the web from thyroid cancer patients.  861 more words


The Results are in...

Honestly, I had a ton of shit going on and still do.

I was a full time college student at the time of my diagnosis, worked 20 hour weeks at a very involved job, another 5 hour shift at a different job, and I went to physical therapy 3 times a week for an hour to an hour and a half. 295 more words



I’m so happy I didn’t look more drained today with only getting four hours of sleep last night. I don’t remember my jet lag being this bad when the last time I moved here. 457 more words