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Thyroid cancer rates in Japanese children living near Fukushima catastrophe skyrocketed by 6,000%

(NaturalNews) An oversight committee looking at the health of folks living in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan near the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility has found that the thyroid cancer rate in young people has jumped by an astounding 6,000% throughout the region since the disaster first occurred back in 2011. 550 more words


Debunking Tough Love and the Mind-Body Connection

It’s three and a half years since my thyroid was surgically removed (21st December 2011) after a long and arduous journey to get my symptoms taken seriously.   4,466 more words


What Does The Scan Say?

This morning, my daughter had a dermatology appointment close to her campus. When she was done there, we drove to the city where her scan would be done. 595 more words

Pathology report

Yesterday I met with my surgeon to have my bandage changed. This is a photo 10 days after surgery, with the same bandage:   This is after they changed the bandage yesterday. 342 more words

My Photos

Fukushima finds 16 new cases of thyroid cancer in young people - “unlikely” a direct result of the nuclear accident

Sixteen young people who lived near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, prefectural authorities said May 18, although they added it is “unlikely” a direct result of the nuclear accident. 289 more words


The Second Shot

We got up early and made the 45 minute drive to get the second injection. This time we just went through admissions then down to nuclear medicine where she got the injection in her other hip and then we were on our way. 255 more words

The First Shot

Today my daughter received the first Thyrogen injection to prepare her for her one year scan on Wednesday.

I came down to spend the next three days with her on campus. 435 more words