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Tiny Dreams

There were lots of people she used to sing for but now with the thyroid surgery, her voice had changed. She could talk, and whistle, but she couldn’t sing which was why the song of the caged parrot down the street inspired a sense of loss she would not have been able to describe had someone cared to ask. 406 more words

Original Flash Fiction

Pre and post surgery (thyroidectomy and removal of lymph nodes)

I originally planned to create my next blog post a lot sooner, but I decided to prioritize recovering from surgery and then just enjoying myself as much as I could whilst in the process of getting better. 3,041 more words


Result of Ultrasound Scan

All the worrying and living on the edge was worth it – I was given another clear scan and told to come back in 6 months’ time, not 3 months!  243 more words


Who needs a Thyroid anyway....um me!

The first time I discovered I even had a thyroid was in 2013. The only reason I knew about this small butterfly-shaped organ was because I was about to get mine removed. 367 more words

Not How I Planned

It’s Thanksgiving and here I am…. at home, makeup free and in my comfy sweatpants and t-shirt, almost recovered from a bout with the flu. The turkey and sides were delicious, leftovers are put away and dishes are done (thanks, Ken!!). 843 more words

Body Positivity

He is Kind Unto the Unthankful

Nearly two years ago, I was sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the emergency room.  Despite the busyness of the nursing staff around me, I felt alone, and scared.  1,200 more words


Uhm, good news?

Happy November everyone!  I am super excited to write this post because…

*drum roll please*

…it’s good news!!

*applause*  *happy dance* *applause*

Yes, after 8 years of repeatedly having cancer come back and stick around, we found out last week that everything looks good! 704 more words

Thyroid Cancer