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Carrot Hummus (LID)

I let my 5 year old pull the remainder of the carrots in the garden to make room for something else. I decided to use them to make carrot hummus. 221 more words

Thyroid Cancer

To my sister...

Almost a year ago today, I found out my sister had cancer. Today as she sits waiting for her year checkup I ask all my readers to pray. 363 more words


The Rest

You have to let it go, baby.  I know it was frightening, I know it hurt, but you have to let it go.  This uncertainty won’t do, this hesitation is slowly killing off a part of you too precious to let go.   216 more words



I don’t normally read, much less post, things from foxnews, but these words about being a cancer survivor could easily be my own.


Thyroid Cancer

Biopsies and Yoga! Who knew they went together so well?

I had not one single symptom of thyroid cancer when I was diagnosed.  I was healthy and active. The only thing that inspired me to call the advice line for my health insurance company (Go, Kaiser!) was a small twinge on my right side, underneath the rib cage.   512 more words


FUKUSHIMA - A Loom of Lies

The Fukushima disaster is now four years old, and the news only grows worse. But despite all the fallout, the media, in conjunction with the dictation of WHO, would have us believe that everything is just fine and dandy and that the radiation will have no effect whatsoever because the levels were just a teensy bit high. 772 more words


Chamomile Tea Tied to Lower Thyroid Cancer Risk

Recent small study from Greece showed that consumption of chamomile tea might lower the risk of thyroid cancer. Although the study does not prove chamomile tea prevents the cancer, it supports that Mediterranean diet and tea provide health benefits. 58 more words

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