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Thyroid Nodule: Friend, Foe, or Remnants of a Lost Twin

Last time on “The Days of Our, Young and Restless, Thyroid Lives” – Chrissy starts to suspect the worst when a sketchy-ass radiology tech won’t let her look at the screen during the ultrasound. 856 more words

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How Nachos Helped Me Find My Cancer

It seems crazy to think about now, but my cancer journey only started a little more than 2 months ago. Let me lay the groundwork for you. 564 more words

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Lucky ME!

So I’ve got Thyroid Cancer. More specifically, I have multi-follicular papillary carcinoma. You too?! CONGRATS! You’ve got the “BEST CANCER”! If by some miracle I am the first person to tell you this, don’t worry; you’ll hear it about 1,000 more times over the next few months. 611 more words

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Doctors, and Labs, and PT, Oh My!

For other zebras, days like these sound very familiar. My zebra, like many others, has several other health issues that are found more commonly in EDS or are part of her EDS. 1,143 more words

A Day In The Life

I make things awkward. 

I get thyroid ultrasounds about every 6 months because my thyroid thinks it’s an asshole. Basically it’s a 20-30 minute process, laying down in a dark room while some random nurse lubes up my neck with ridiculously hot gel, and takes pictures of my insides. 117 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy