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I make things awkward. 

I get thyroid ultrasounds about every 6 months because my thyroid thinks it’s an asshole. Basically it’s a 20-30 minute process, laying down in a dark room while some random nurse lubes up my neck with ridiculously hot gel, and takes pictures of my insides. 117 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy

SonoApp- Bedside ultrasound for thyroid nodules? - a patient's question and experience

This post involves a personal experience from a free lance writer who asked me whether we (EM or primary care docs) should/can be doing bedside ultrasound for an assessment of the thyroid when we feel something wrong – even if its for the sole purpose of expediting care and biopsy, or alleviating concerns with a negative study.   862 more words


You Told Me That I Had Cancer

Since 2009, I’ve had thyroid nodules. Before that, doctors always thought that there were problems with my thyroid function because of my big eyes and skinny frame at that particular time. 471 more words


What is Thyroid Ultrasound and where to get it done in Delhi NCR?

What is this service and why is it needed?

An ultrasound of the thyroid produces pictures of the thyroid gland and the adjacent structures in the neck. 941 more words

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Thyroid Ultrasound

I forgot to update about Sam’s thyroid ultrasound, things have been a bit crazy around here.

Well I guess the genetics doctor said it looks good and we don’t have to see her for another year, which at that point they will do another ultrasound. 39 more words


Day at the U of M

Today was Sam’s one year follow up with urology for his kidney reflux and also the start of the appointments with specialists for the PTEN mutation (Cowden’s/BZ/PTEN). 286 more words


Mammo Day

I had my very first mammogram on Wednesday. The baseline. I know I know, I should’ve done it a while ago. But I was a little busy in the last three years. 1,300 more words