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The TSH test can often times be misleading, as levels of circulating hormones may fluctuate at different times, such as in Hashimoto’s, the person affected may fluctuate between highs and lows. 12 more words

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The head, the gland and the baby maker

There is a link between bipolar and thyroid issues, one does not cause the other (unless you are on Lithium) but it is common for someone to have both simultaneously. 792 more words


Thyroid Update

So, It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about my thyroid.

A few months back I mentioned to D (who has known about my thyroid) that I had seen 2 ENT doctors about my issues only to be dissatisfied with my experience with both (the first…who was very well known and highly recommended made me feel like my concerns were all superficial and the second spent 20 of my 30 minute appointment bashing my WLS surgery). 548 more words

Understanding The Thyroid

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid issue or you feel you may have symptoms that reflect a thyroid problem, hopefully the information here can help you to understand how it functions, what can negatively impact it and what you can do to give your thyroid (and entire glandular system) some TLC! 605 more words

Elite Level Performance

Is it Your Thyroid or Adrenals?

By Natasha Klemm ND

Do you feel tired? Do you experience sleep disturbances? Have you noticed changes in your mood? Has your hair become thinner? What about your weight? 490 more words


Releasing the Caffeine-Adrenal-Blood Sugar Bind

Recently, a lovely little tea shop opened its doors in my local hood. I couldn’t resist capturing a shot of their blooming tea cup display… 637 more words


Deliciously Nom

As you may have read from my last post, it’s important that I make as much effort as possible to look after myself – for health reasons (and not just for dress size and a positive state of mind). 536 more words

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