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Work, work, and more work...

Hey guys, Long time no read!

I have been working a lot, getting more hours and my anxiety has decided to kick it up a notch. 103 more words


Fresh Starts

Hello my lovelies this update has been long awaited As most of you know I had a relationship with a guy which was very up and down for a few years, that is why I decided to leave deviant art for a while. 373 more words

Family History


Based on more than a few references from websites to informative books, thyroid cancer could be caused by sources that are not guaranteed. One of which is a family history with cancer and/or a genetic abnormality. 179 more words


My knee hurts really bad and I can hardly walk. I had a lump sticking out the back of my knee. I found it when I was shaving my legs. 45 more words

Dairy Substitutes: Soy or Almond Milk

For a variety of reasons, more people are making the switch from dairy milk (cow’s milk) to either soy or almond milk. Ironically, neither almond nor soy milk is technically milk as they are not obtained from the mammary glands of an animal. 1,413 more words

My Body Is Okay

I was sweating my ass off on the way to my third doctor appointment this month. I decided to take the time from work and travel halfway downtown (plus another 15-minute walk from the metro) to see a specialist about my recent lab results – results my former endocrinologist said showed I had… 585 more words