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New Thyroid TRAb, DI02 Gene and Iodine Symporter Tests

  Hot on the heels of the new DUTCH adrenal test I listed a week or so ago, today I have added a couple of new thyroid tests for you, updated the… 605 more words


Mineral Spotlight: Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that tends to get a bad rap- but in reality it’s calcium supplements that we should be worried about. Real calcium from FOOD that is balanced with other nutrients is essential for health. 201 more words

Left my career and moved to a caravan in the Outer Hebrides. This is what happiness is.

“You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find – you get what you need.”

Mick Jagger knows what he’s talking about. 722 more words


To Thyroid, or not to Thyroid

(I do not own any of the pictures seen, I just found them on Google.)

Most of you may know that I had surgery, maybe 7 months ago for my thyroid to be removed. 828 more words

How ignoring your thyroid could be derailing your SIBO recovery....

After spending a lot of time interacting with the SIBO community and through my own experience and research, I think many practitioners and SIBO sufferers fail to recognize the importance of a healthy thyroid during SIBO treatment. 2,982 more words

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Steps to Thyroid Success

To make your thyroid work, to make active thyroid hormone, there’s many steps.  Doctors don’t know all the steps to this whole routine.  Living really is a miracle.   506 more words