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Me and My Autoimmune Disease

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

After several months of feeling general malaise and fatigue, I finally went to the doctor. Thanks to my handy friend, WebMD, I was certain I either had hypothyroidism or cancer. 427 more words


FitlandiaFitness is on the Podcast!!!

YES!! I am yelling!!!

On the Podcast!

Christa King is as awesome as her name!!!

Fitlandia Fitness is a brand to watch. Christa has a next-door neighbor persona that sweeps you away with support and love. 103 more words


Lisann, Undiagnosed Bio

Originally from December 20, 2008

Being checked for Cushing’s. Have adenoma, long term hydrocortisone user, Graves Disease, a lot of the symptoms.

Don’t know much about Cushing’s. 27 more words


Temporary Setback Day 10

Well, all I can say is I blew it yesterday. I had two ketone shakes during the day and ate an Atkins Peanut Carmel Cluster Bar and a hand full of almonds. 497 more words

Fit After 50

Summertime eats: Salmon Lemon Skewers 

I have been on a barbecue kick ever since it’s been so warm outside here in California. I love to make all my meal prep for the week on the grill because it just has such amazing flavor and you can do so much variety easily. 260 more words

Getting fit....again

I developed a thyroid disease while I was in the Army and as a result my planned career was cut short. So much for being the next, great general. 566 more words

Get Fit

The Beginning...

As an English teacher, I know that every story has three basic components: the beginning, the middle, and the end. What falls into those components..the ideas, the characters, the storyline…either make or break a story. 463 more words