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Thyroid Problems?

My doctor just diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, which I ve read can be connected to PTSD and stress levels. My sister, who also has PTSD, was diagnosed a few years ago with hypothyroidism as well, so I was just wondering how many people out there have this. 22 more words

CeeJay.... WHY do you run?

Limping around the office yesterday, i got asked what was up… so as to not go into anything too deep, i mentioned that i just had a little niggle in my foot, that’s all… hoped i could leave it at that. 797 more words


Sculpting the "Golden Ratio" physique

by Cyrus Peikari, M.D.

Is there an “ideal” physique? I’ll discuss that in a minute, but the important thing is that you love your body as you are now. 510 more words

Shrinking Colloid Cyst and Healing Sub-clinical Hyperthyroidism

Shrinking Colloid Cyst in the Thyroid and Healing symptoms of Sub-clinical Hyperthyroidism

I would like to share my personal healing story.  EFT along with lifestyle changes helped me shrink a complex cyst in my thyroid, and heal other related symptoms of sub-clinical hyperthyroidism, without any medication. 1,355 more words


Smoothie...Ooo My!

During my weight loss journey I’ve learned a lot of things. One thing I learned, was at first my smoothies were not fulfilling. I was hungry within 40 minutes. 299 more words

Fit Life

More Tests to Come

My shoulders tightened and my eyes fought back tears as the doctors once again had another non-favorable report about my daughter. . . .

A little over a week ago we had gone into get my kids regular shots and to check on Esperanza. 592 more words

Esperanza's Story

Touching base... is it just me?

I am not one to make excuses… but sheesh 2015 has not been great.

A torn calf muscle at the end of 2014 reared its ugly head again in January this year. 580 more words