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Something in the Water? Thyroid Study

When dealing with clients looking to heal certain health issues, I usually recommend they stop drinking tap water and switch to spring water instead. This along with a specific eating plan aimed at healing their symptoms nutritionally too. 336 more words

Let's get ready to rumble

I’ve been a bit quiet on the writing front.

Despite the fact that I schedule 1.5 hr every week to ramble, edit, find a good pic and publish, my unexpected and sometimes tumultuous life just gets in the way. 682 more words

Leaky Bucket

(Thyroid) Graduation Day!

I had my appointment with my endocrine surgeon yesterday and I received a wonderful surprise.  She does not want to see me again!

It has been three years since my surgery.   93 more words

Tumor Shwemer Part Two

Last year, one year ago, they discovered my father had a tumor.

As those of you who follow my blog and regularly read my posts, you know my father passed. 2,638 more words

Because my doctor wants me to

I don’t know why but I seem to have a hard time just saying “because I want to”.  It’s not a hard thing to say in general.   396 more words

Weight Loss