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My battle with an under-active Thyroid

In early 2013, I had moved in to a property that I had bought as a renovation project. Initially, I was getting on with working on it quite well, but then I gradually began to feel tires, lethargic and totally lost interest in everything. 1,053 more words


Salvere Blog: 7 Reasons People Don't Set Goals

by Salvere Health and Fitness

— People don’t know how to set goals.
— People are searching for the perfect way to set goals.
— People are afraid to set goals. 256 more words

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A walk up struggle street

It think it’s hard to be out of control of your life. There are decision, and then there are things that just sort of happen. And I do believe a lot of that is just the straw you drew. 997 more words

Life Conquering

Smorgasbord Women's Health Revisited - Endocrine System and hormones.

Last week I looked at the major organs and systems that make up the female reproductive system. In this post I am going to cover the endocrine system that manages our reproductive function throughout our lives. 2,482 more words

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One Hundred Days with Hashimoto's. Day : The Disasters of Brain Fog

I’d reach for something, try to pick it up, and it would slip.  Dropping things and incoordination or loss of balance became a daily occurrence.   829 more words

Hashimoto's Disease

Surviving but not Thriving

I am a three time cancer survivor.  I have been told with each new diagnosis, that the cancer I have is not a big deal.  That it wouldn’t kill me, we just need to remove it and get on with life.   667 more words


Hypothyroidism and I

Hypothyroidism, like other types of chronic illness, is a b****.

I was diagnosed after a summer spent too exhausted to move, lying prone for days as I worked up the energy to see friends, then lying down for more days to recover. 406 more words

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