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Images on the Road '16-'17

I’ve been on the road for over a year; Spain, Italy, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Nepal, India, soon to be Ethiopia (flying visit), Lebanon….. 182 more words


Tibet, lamas on throne (3)

Seated on a low double-lotus base placed on a small throne supported by  lions and makaras and decorated with a triratna at the front, this lama wears the usual monastic garments, including a meditation cloak with an incised hem. 163 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Woman's oval ga'u

The curator of the museum tells us that such oval amulet boxes are known as kerima, which means kidney, due to their shape. 15 more words


Jokhang Temple: The Religious Landmark of Lhasa

Jokhang Temple is the most important and revered religious site in the entire Lhasa. A 1,300 years old monastery is dedicated to the Buddhists throughout the world. 370 more words


Tibet, deified lamas (5)

This unidentified lama holds the stem of lotuses supporting a vajra sceptre and a bell, and a set of three flaming jewels in his cupped hand. 171 more words

Asian Art

Astrological Calendars - 8 - Tibetan Calendar

The Tibetan calendar begins at Losar and has either 12 or 13 months each beginning and ending with the new moon. Every two or three years a 13th month is added so that an average Tibetan year is equal to the solar year. 244 more words

Culture Kaleidoscope

UPDATE: Tibetan Monk Self-Immolated Against Chinese Rule In Tibet

Image via: dossiertibet

Now confirmed that a 22 year-old Tibetan monk, Mr Jamyang Losel self-immolated today in Kangtsa. Amdo region in protest at China’s violent and illegal occupation of Tibet. 

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