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What is Thangka?

Thangka, or Thang-ga, means a form of silk-mounted scroll painting of Tibet. Thangka is an unique art form of the Tibetan culture that takes subjects mainly in religion, and yet also in politics, history, and daily life of the Tibetan culture. 123 more words


Attributes of Kubera, "Lord of the Horses" (Tibetan art)

Detail of a snow-lion with turquoise mane from Attributes of Kubera ‘Lord of the Horses’ in a Tibetan “rgyan tshogs” banner.

"Attributes of rDo-rje 'Jigs-byed," Tibet

Detail of a female holding an offering of a triple gem from attributes of rDo-rje ‘Jigs-byed (Vajrabhairava, “The Fear-inspiring One”) in a Tibetan “rgyan tshogs” banner.

The Art of Adaptation

By Wang Jiping

In ordinary people’s eyes, fine art brings with it an aura of elegance and dignity, and many works of fine art have become priceless cultural relics. 756 more words


Cosmic in Asian art : mandala images from the East

Mandalas exist in many eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. A mandala resembles a circle or a geometric pattern, which is a spiritual symbol representing the universe. 901 more words

Art History

Creating & Sustaining Sacred Space

The physical landscape of the Himalayas can be rugged, challenging, insulating, and  endearing. Home to centuries of earnest practitioners as well as Orientalist projections, those who inhabit these mountains have long negotiated their relationship to their environment in spiritual and religious terms. 776 more words


The Golden Valley: The Untold Story of the Other Cultural Center of Tibet by David C. Huber & Dave Glantz

Where I Got It: Review copy

Publisher: David  Huber (2015)

Length: 202 pages

Huber’s Page  Glantz’s Page

Part history book, part art book, part documentary, this book is a real treasure trove on the Golden Valley of Tibet. 796 more words