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Detail of a camel in a Tibetan "rgyan tshogs" banner.

Detail of a camel from Attributes of Chos-Skyon Dam-can rDo-rje Legs-pa (Vajrasadhu) in a Tibetan “rgyan tshogs” banner.


Most Tibetans don’t eat fish, thus most rivers in Tibet are full of fish, except for one, as fishes were blocked from entering the river a hundreds of years ago to prevent the waterwheels from killing the fishes. 124 more words

Tibetan Art

Symbol of Remati Sridevi on a Tibetan "rgan tshogs" banner.

Detail of the symbol representing Remati Sridevi, with five skulls on her crown, from Attributes of dPal-Idan Lha-mo (Remati Sridevi) in a Tibetan “rgyan tshogs” banner.

Detail of flayed tiger skin from "Attributes of the Six-handed Yeshe Gonpo"

Detail of the flayed skin of a tiger from Attributes of the Six-handed Yeshe Gonpo (Mahakala) (Jnananatha ‘Lord of the Pristine Cognition) in a Tibetan “rgyan tshogs” banner.



Sacred Spaces invites visitors to reflect on devotional activities in an awe-inspiring place. Enter the Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room, an immersive installation inspired by a traditional shrine that would be used for offering, devotion, prayer, and contemplation. 177 more words

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