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Mr Maitland has been practicing Kum Nye and the Dharma, by his own accounts, for nearly 40 years. You have to ask yourself how, after all of that practice, is it reasonable or possible that he is such a poor practitioner of the Dharma, including that…

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Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

Sacred Symbols-An Encore Presentation

The Mandala is the most sacred symbol or “container of essence”.

It may symbolize both the mind and body of Buddha.

The mandala is older than history itself. 211 more words


Like a Dream

In the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) teachings, the issue is always whether or not we recognize our true nature and understand that the reflections of that nature manifest as experience. 74 more words

Daily Wisdom

The Moving and the Non-Moving

In filmmaking, an immediate transition from one scene to another is called a cut. A gradual transition is called a dissolve with the start and end of the dissolve called a fade out and fades in, respectively. 602 more words


Kalachakra for World Peace with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

“The initiation to the Kalachakra is one of the most important…
because it takes everything into account,
the body and the human mind,
and the whole external aspect – cosmic and astrological.

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Exercise during a cleanse? (or, why can't I nap all day?)

Cleansing is not easy – it’s the hunger that gets to me. Your jaw can get pretty tired “chewing” all that juice, and unless everyone else in my house is cleansing, too – I still have to look at food and smell it and prepare it! 915 more words


Five Tibetan Rites

Five Tibetan Rites
The Five Tibetan Rites is a system of yogic posturesmore than 2,700 years old. Acclaimed yoga teacher John Golterman brings this ancient practice to modern times.