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Bingo Players & Oomloud Collaborate On ‘Tic Toc’ On Hysteria Records

Bingo Players – ‘Tic Toc‘ – Time marches on and so does Hysteria Records. The Dutch record label has just released a fresh track from… 223 more words


Time Machine

Remember Tic-Toc, the mechanical man
from the Wizard of Oz?

(Does Everything But Live.)

He had to be wound up
to operate, and eventually,
his inner workings would slow… 29 more words




By Charles Robert Lindholm  5/05/2015

The clock keeps time

so evenly

with a little tick

and then a tock

marking out the day… 40 more words

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone :)

Today I’m sharing something that I hope will make you get up and start dancing, or at least do a little jig. Please enjoy the funny video to go along with it, I need to get my skills up like this.

Expression Wednesdays

365 | Day 2

“We’re out of time.” Tic, toc. The steps were getting closer. “They’re coming.”

“We’re out of time.” Tic, toc. The steps were getting closer. “They’re coming.” She could feel their presence even if they were at least a minute away – it was as if they were watching them from every single corner of the room. 40 more words

Daily Life ♡

Stopped Counting

Time  . . .

My inner clock doesn’t seem to match up

with the world’s clock


It’s not off just by a few seconds… 91 more words