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Jewish Hijabis are you out there?

Shalom Aleichem, Salaam Aleikum everyone,

You’re probably wondering why on earth there is a blog named Jewish Hijabi and how you got here. (either you were searching for a new hijab or you’ve reached… 500 more words


Nasty Girl

I am a Nasty Girl. Because I care for our planet, because I light candles and incense with my prayers, and because I respect the cycles of the Earth. 1,043 more words

Is my headscarf cultural appropriation?

TL;DR: No!

In full: When I discuss headscarves in UK groups (I’m white British) it isn’t long before CA rears its confusing head. “I’d love to wear a headwrap, but I’d worry about CA” is a common theme. 826 more words

The Mitpachat: Its Beginnings to Current Day

Prior to it ended up being an extremely popular fashion accessory, the tichel was already an important and crucial piece of clothing that women who complied with a specific code of gown due to their spiritual affiliation had to put on lest they be reprimanded. 460 more words