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Head covering 

I want to tell you, why I started covering my hair as a Christian.

It wasn’t a decision made in about a few days or some weeks, actually I thought about covering my hair a long time ago. 1,725 more words



Many years ago, not long past the very beginning of my Druidry journey, I saw a priestess at work. Prior to a ritual of passing, she sat at a riverside, shawl draped over her head. 335 more words


Cultural Appropriation and the Tichel

Now before I begin to really get into what my life is like as a pagan woman who practices veiling I feel the need to say a few words on the topic of cultural appropriation. 468 more words


Wearing a tichel with kids watching

I had a meeting with the Rabbi pretty early on and we were discussing all the various paths to conversion. When I told him there was no way we would be Kosher, he told me that I wouldn’t know until I tried. 612 more words

Wrapunzel Challenge: Simple Style!

We’ve just wrapped up another Wrapunzel Challenge and this one really took us back to basics- #simplywrapunzel was all about wrapping just one scarf around your head, without the use of added accessories.¬† 379 more words


Old Mantilla Photos

The WordPress placeholder posts were bugging me, so I decided to find these (somewhat) old(er) photos of me wearing a more traditional Catholic headcovering — the lace mantilla. 124 more words

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Summer Headcovering

There I was, out the other day practicing calligraphy.

Right now, this is my favorite scarf to wear because it’s square, fairly large, and easy to tie behind or just slightly over my ears; it’s light, and not too hot. 105 more words

Regular Updates