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Girl With the Pearl Earring

People often reference this movie when they see my scarves.  I finally found a video that shows how to do it.  I hate how it looks and feels on me, but maybe you’ll enjoy it.   43 more words


The Basic With A Twist

This is one of my favorites just because of how easy it is.  Being a mother of a small baby, sometimes there just isn’t time for anything complicated.   29 more words


Scarf Tying Basics

So since everyone seems to want to know how I tie my scarves I thought I’d do a little demonstration for you.  Breaking it up into two videos seemed the most reasonable.   76 more words


To cover or not to cover...

Lately I have been watching lots of videos about hair covering on Youtube (amazing how addictive that can be!) and I’ve read basically every post on the… 341 more words


Thoughts on haircovering 6-7-2015

There’s something amazing about covering my head. It forces me to look down. This thing that I do to show honor to God forces me to look at God’s creation and God’s creatures. 660 more words


Wrapping Without Hair (DIY Style)

I know that it’s bad form to show your hair for a post on hair wrapping, but I want everyone to understand what kind of situation I’m talking about in this entry. 408 more words

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