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Thoughts on haircovering 6-7-2015

There’s something amazing about covering my head. It forces me to look down. This thing that I do to show honor to God forces me to look at God’s creation and God’s creatures. 660 more words


Wrapping Without Hair (DIY Style)

I know that it’s bad form to show your hair for a post on hair wrapping, but I want everyone to understand what kind of situation I’m talking about in this entry. 408 more words

Off Topic

Hair covering butterfly

In thinking about my new (sometimes) practice of covering my hair:

I’m comparing it to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It has to cover itself up in order to transform. 813 more words


DIY: How To Make Your Vintage Headband

I love the vintage style thats popular now! I made sure ModLi has a few of them too, but just in case you want to make it on your own. 100 more words

Modest Fashion