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Healing My Relationship With Wigs

Two weeks ago, I got a package in the mail that I had been anxiously awaiting.  I took a deep breath before unwrapping it, nervous, hopeful.   843 more words


Head covering 

I want to tell you, why I started covering my hair as a Christian.

It wasn’t a decision made in about a few days or some weeks, actually I thought about covering my hair a long time ago. 1,725 more words



Many years ago, not long past the very beginning of my Druidry journey, I saw a priestess at work. Prior to a ritual of passing, she sat at a riverside, shawl draped over her head. 335 more words


Cultural Appropriation and the Tichel

Now before I begin to really get into what my life is like as a pagan woman who practices veiling I feel the need to say a few words on the topic of cultural appropriation. 468 more words


Wearing a tichel with kids watching

I had a meeting with the Rabbi pretty early on and we were discussing all the various paths to conversion. When I told him there was no way we would be Kosher, he told me that I wouldn’t know until I tried. 612 more words

Wrapunzel Challenge: Simple Style!

We’ve just wrapped up another Wrapunzel Challenge and this one really took us back to basics- #simplywrapunzel was all about wrapping just one scarf around your head, without the use of added accessories.  379 more words